Former Miss World Uruguay Sherika de Armas Dies at 26 After Battling Cervical Cancer for Two Years

Emergency services found De Armas unresponsive at her home. The unofficial cause of death would be cervical cancer she fought for two years.

Montevideo, Uruguay – The modeling world is mourning the loss of one of its rising stars this week, as news broke that Sherika De Armas, the 26-year-old former Miss Uruguay, passed away suddenly on October 14th. De Armas was a beloved national figure in her home country of Uruguay and an aspiring actress beginning to make her mark in the entertainment industry.


  • Sherika De Armas’ rise to fame as Miss Uruguay 2015.
  • Her promising acting career in Uruguayan film and TV.
  • The shocking news of her untimely death.
  • An outpouring of grief and tributes from loved ones and fans.

Her tragic and unexpected death at such a young age has left many in shock and grieving for the vibrant young woman.

De Armas Forges Budding Acting Career with Uruguayan Film and TV Roles

De Armas entered the spotlight in 2015 when she was crowned Miss Uruguay at 21. With her dazzling smile and natural grace, she charmed her way through the competition and was selected to represent her country at the Miss World pageant that same year. Though she did not place in the international competition, De Armas’ star was on the rise. She began booking modeling jobs and making appearances on Uruguayan television shows.

Sherika De Armas’ Pageant Career and Awards

2015Miss Uruguay
2015Represented Uruguay at Miss World pageant
2019Appeared in Uruguayan film Mejor No Saber
2023Cast in upcoming Uruguayan series Tusa Town

Known for her warm and down-to-earth personality despite her beauty queen status, she quickly became a popular figure and role model for young women across the country.

In recent years, De Armas had begun branching out into acting. She landed a role in the Uruguayan comedy film Mejor no Saber in 2019, delighting fans with her comedic chops. Just this month, she announced that she had been cast in a new Uruguayan series called Tusa Town, which was set to begin filming soon. On her Instagram account, where she boasted over 165,000 followers, De Armas expressed her excitement over this new chapter in her career. “I want to inspire people to believe in themselves and fight for their dreams,” she wrote in one motivational post just two weeks before her death.

Shocking Loss of Rising Star Stuns Uruguay

According to local reports, De Armas died from cervical cancer in her home late Friday evening. Emergency services responded to a call, but she could not be revived. Her family and management have yet to release an official statement on her cause of death.

Fans, friends, and former colleagues immediately began posting heartfelt tributes across social media as news of the tragedy spread.

“I am devastated by the news,” wrote television host Yamina Del Real, who had interviewed De Armas multiple times. “Sherika was one of the most genuine, fun-loving people I have ever met in this industry. My heart breaks for her family and loved ones.”

The Uruguayan modeling agency Equilibrium, who represented De Armas, also posted a statement expressing their sorrow. “Sherika was an exceptional human being and a true professional who always brightened our days,” they wrote. “Her passing is an enormous loss for our agency and Uruguay. We will miss her smile, talent, and positive spirit.”

In Montevideo, mourners began to leave flowers and candles outside the building where De Armas lived as makeshift memorials. “She made us all so proud to be Uruguayan,” said one tearful fan who came to pay her respects. “I still can’t believe she’s gone.”

Many posted throwback photos and videos of De Armas’ most memorable moments, like when she was crowned Miss Uruguay, her appearances in television commercials, and clips showcasing her bubbly personality backstage at modeling events. She comes across as beautiful, vibrant, and full of joy in the footage – a stark contrast to the sad circumstances around her death.

Perhaps the most poignant tribute came from De Armas’ close friend and fellow model, Sirena Cordoba. She posted photos of her and De Armas laughing together and a touching message.

“Days ago, we were dreaming together about the amazing opportunities ahead, and now I can’t believe you’re gone,” Cordoba wrote. “You had so much life left to live. I’ll always remember your laughter, your loyalty, your warm heart. I wish I could hug you one last time. I’ll be lost without you. Rest in peace, my beautiful friend.”

While the investigation into Sherika De Armas’ cause of death is still ongoing, all signs point to this being a heartbreaking accident that no one saw coming. Just like that, a talented young woman filled with many hopes and dreams for the future is gone. All of Uruguay is united in mourning her loss while also celebrating the accomplishments she achieved and the light she brought to her fans and followers in just 26 short years of life. She will remain forever young, beautiful, and inspirational in the memories of those who loved her.