Former mother-in-law of Inés Gómez Mont threatens to reveal the location of the driver

Aunt Bravothe former mother-in-law of Ines Gomez Mont, She broke her silence about the driver’s scandal, because she is not willing to remain silent, she indicated in an interview that she could give the location of the television presenter and her husband to the authorities.

In AmericanPost.News We have shared with you about what has happened to the driver, who since October 2021 stopped sharing posts on her Instagram profile, so her whereabouts have been a mystery, but now the mother of Javier Diaz could offer location to the FGR.

It is worth mentioning that the driver and Victor Manuel Alvarez Puga They are fugitives from justice. In the entertainment news we inform you that they were accused by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) of organized crime and operations with resources of illicit origin.

Will the former mother-in-law of Inés Gómez Mont give the location of the driver?

Former mother-in-law of the driver wants to see her grandchildren The authorities are looking for the driver and her husband

During an interview, he commented that he is gladly under the orders of the FGR, since he indicated that his son knows where the driver and her husband are and said: “Do you think they don’t know where they are? … I don’t answer the phone …Do you think I’m afraid of something? No…It’s the lady’s problem, not mine”. She expressed.

On the other hand, the lady sent a message to her grandchildren and just wants them to know that her grandmother misses them and that she already wants to see them. In the same way, she said that the children are already affected because it is a terrible decision that has to be made, and that they are the most affected.

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What happened to Inés Gómez Mont?

Authorities are looking for the driver and her husband

Users have wondered what has happened to Inés Gómez Mont, the driver has stayed away from social networks, after in October 2021 they issued a red card for her search; They are accused of money laundering of 3 billion pesos.

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