Former officers in jail in Oklahoma were sued for torturing inmates by playing the nursery rhyme “Baby Shark” at full volume

The former Oklahoma jail officers and the sheriff were charged with cruelty to a prisoner and conspiracy.

Photo: Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images

Former Oklahoma City Jail Officers Charged With Torture Against At Least Four Former Detainees, whom they allegedly tortured with different physical attacks and also they were forced to listen to the nursery rhyme “Baby Shark” at full volume and repeatedly in events that occurred in 2019, a federal lawsuit indicated.

As reported by The Washington Post, four people who were previously arrested in the Oklahoma jail testified in federal court that during their time in prison were subjected to torture tactics, including verbal and physical assaults, also stand for several hours while being forced to listen to the nursery rhyme “Baby Shark.”

The lawsuit was filed against Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson III, county commissioners, the jail trust and two former officers, The Guardian reported.

Daniel Hendrick, one of the plaintiffs still in prison, was taken from his cell and taken to a lawyer visiting room, where the officers placed the song while he was forced to stand for more than an hour.

For his part, Joseph Mitchell, another of the plaintiffs, was escorted to an empty room on November 30, 2019, where he would have been escorted and was pinned to a wall to listen to “Baby Shark” within three to four hours that he was forced to stand.

Another of the plaintiffs, named John Basco, had to endure the same fate as the other two convicts, listening to the song for almost two hours while being kept in isolation.. “The volume of the song was so high that it could be heard in the corridors”the lawsuit said.

The fourth applicant, Ja’Lee Foreman Jr., who is now at liberty, was not forced to hear “Baby Shark”; Nevertheless, suffered verbal and physical assaults by officers at the Oklahoma jailthe lawsuit says, adding that one of the cops promised Foreman to make his life hell.

The lawsuit also states that the four men did not represent a threat to the officers, or to anyone else, and that they only carried out the torture that they were subjected to and did not actively resist any legal order.

Upon reporting these incidents by the Oklahoma district attorney’s office, both the two former jail employees and the sheriff were charged with cruelty to a prisoner and conspiracythe lawsuit pointed out.

The trial is expected to begin in February next year.

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