Former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison Revealed Her First Date With Hugh Hefner Was Traumatic And It Shocked Her Emotionally

Former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison Revealed Her First Date With Hugh Hefner Was Traumatic And It Shocked Her Emotionally

Holly Madison, a former Playboy bunny, has again revealed details of her relationship with mogul Hugh Hefner.

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Former Playboy bunny Holly Madison was one of the many girlfriends that Playboy mogul and owner of the Playboy empire had, Hugh Hefner, between 2001 and 2008. Holly had high expectations of that first meeting with Hugh after being told that another bunny had given up living in the Playboy mansion and to continue being one of the billionaire’s three girlfriends. Which Holly Madison never imagined what would happen are all the intimate details that she decided to make public and above all, the emotional and traumatic impact that he assures was that experience.

For Holly Madison was a real thrill to be one of the three girlfriends of Hugh hefner. When one of them left, the bunny had a free way to move on to live in one of the most desirable mansions in the world. It was obvious that she wasn’t expecting a traditional first date and was up for almost anything. At some point he believed that this initial date was to break the ice and get to know each other better. But la former Playboy bunny said in very intimate and private details. Holly Madison never crossed her mind that she would have sex that very night. Fact that, according to the also model, happened after going to a disco with another woman and Hugh hefner, where he says that he experienced a small trauma later affecting his emotional health.

They literally put it on top of me. And after it was all over I felt mortified and ashamed and it had a much greater emotional impact than I thought… Not that the idea of ​​sex with him repelled me so much. It was rather the group aspect that really went out of my comfort zone and the feeling that everyone knew what had happened ”, said the ex Playboy bunny, Holly Madison, in the podcast Power: Hugh Hefner.

The same Holly Madison says this experience was traumaticBut it didn’t make him give up his goal. The next day, he asked Hugh hefner if he could move into the mansion, to which he he said yes immediately. “I felt there was no going back, so it was better for me to get what I had set out to do.”

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