Former student of ‘The Academy’ now sells content on Onlyfans

There are more and more cases of celebrities or internet personalities who join the world of onlyfansthe popular platform for sharing erotic content that is aimed at adults.

Such is the case with this former student of ‘The Academy’which despite not being as well known for its participation in a reality show, surprised by announcing its debut on said content platform.

In such a way that the young man has joined celebrities who recently made the leap into that world, such as ‘La Mars’ and Marcela Moss who are now successful selling their content and who manage to earn a lot of extra money per month.

Former student of ‘La Academia’ opens his profile on Onlyfans

Former student of ‘The Academy’ opens his profile on Onlyfans What is OnlyFans and what is it for?

Perhaps for many the name of Adolfo EspondaHowever, he was a participant in the eleventh generation of The Academy where he was already causing a lot of controversy, since he recognized before the public that he prefers to have a polyamorous relationship.

Adolfo is a boy originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa, although he mostly has family in Chiapas and that is precisely where he auditioned for the reality show of singing.

Precisely on his social networks is where he confirmed that, despite the fact that he has several projects at the door and works for a talent firm, he has decided to open his profile in said platform for adults

Former student of ‘The Academy’ opens his profile on Onlyfans What is OnlyFans and what is it for?

His Onlyfans profile currently has 13 publications and 239 ‘likes’ where his content is offered on $10 dollars per month and everything seems to indicate that it will do quite well.

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What is OnlyFans and what is it for?

What is OnlyFans and what is it for?

AmericanPost.News He is talking about a subscription platform for exclusive and explicit sexual content, where anyone can create a profile and offer their catalog with a monthly cost.

In Mexico it is women who have dominated onlyfans being the pretty Celia Lora highest paid with earnings of several hundred thousand dollars, followed by Karely Ruiz and Yanet Garcia.

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