Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton is close to adding his mother’s surname to his name

Photo: Sam Bloxham/Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton is focused on a new season of the Formula 1 where he will seek his eighth world champion to become the best in history. However, the Briton has not put aside his personal projects and in the last few hours, it was announced that the pilot is close to changing his name; specifically in his surnames, since he wants to show off the Larbalestierwhich is from his mother.

“I am really proud of my last name Hamilton. None of you will surely know that my mother’s last name is Larbalestier and I’m about to put that in my last name.”said the British pilot.

“I do not understand very well that when people get married, the woman loses her last name. I want my mother to appear with the last name Hamilton. I hope everything is resolved soon. It won’t be for this weekend, but we are working on it.”Lewis Hamilton added.

However, the 37-year-old pilot did not elaborate on this. That is why, we must wait for the official announcement to know if the Larbalestier replaces the Hamilton or Lewis Hamilton-Larbalestier. What is clear is that the seven-time Formula 1 champion will make this change in honor of his mother.

While getting approval to carry the new surname on his back, the seven-time champion still preparing the first Big prize of the season, which will be held next Sunday, March 20 at Bahrain.

It’s a bit early, but right now I don’t think we’re going to be competing for wins at the start. There is potential in our car to achieve this, we just have to learn to be able to extract it and solve the problems, which is what we are working on. Everyone is doing an amazing job in the factory, working as hard as they can, but we have some hurdles to overcome.”finished the British.

In this way, the pilot of the team Mercedes He wants to surprise all motorsport fans and his experience and hunger for revenge can lead him to his eighth championship. If he succeeds, his name and his mother’s surname will be present in history and in the record books.

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