Fortnite can now be played on iOS with GeForce Now for Safari

Users of iOS you can play again Fortnite on your devices iPhone thanks to the cloud video game service GeForce Now, from Nvidia.

GeForce Now released a closed beta for a limited time of Fortnite for Safari on iOS and Android devices, so you will not need a premium membership on the Nvidia service to play.

Let us remember that the legal case of Fortnite, between Epic Games and Apple, concluded last September with a kind of agreement that would allow the return of the battle royale to the iOS platform, although there is still no resolution in this regard.

Nvidia launches GeForce Now in Safari

Nvidia’s subscription service announced the launch of the Fortnite Closed Beta on Twitter. Sign up for GeForce Now and you’ll have a chance to be chosen to participate in the beta.

Prior to the deal between Apple and Epic, Nvidia had announced plans to bring Fortnite back to iOS in fall 2020. However, the company ran into Apple’s restrictive policy that requires streaming services to list each game individually on the App Store, preventing its cloud gaming platform from reaching iOS.

Given this context, Nvidia had no choice but to throw GeForce Now in Safari, taking advantage of the fact that Apple does not impose the same prohibitive rules in its browser, and in this way you can avoid the 30% commission rate of the Apple store.

As mentioned, iOS users can get a chance to play Fortnite through Nvidia’s GeForce Now closed beta game, and you don’t need a subscription to run it. AmericanPost.News explains how to do it.

How to play Fortnite on iPhone using Nvidia GeForce Now

Sign up for GeForce Now and you’ll have a chance to be chosen to participate in the beta.

1. Go to the Nvidia GeForce Now homepage and click Join Now to sign up for an Nvidia GeForce Now account (or sign in if you already have one).

2. You can choose a free account or a paid subscription to play the supported Battle Royale on Safari.

3. Click here to navigate to the Fortnite Limited Time Closed Beta page. Click Join Waiting List.

4. Next, click Sign In or Create Nvidia Account (you’re already signed in from the first step, so clicking this should automatically take you to the waitlist sign-up page).

5. You will be prompted to select which device you plan to use for the Fortnite Closed Beta, click iOS Safari and press Submit.

That’s it. If you are selected to be part of the closed beta, you will be notified by email.

Nvidia didn’t reveal when Safari-based Fortnite will launch for all GeForce Now users, but after the gaming giant successfully hits its milestones for this testing stage, the popular battle royale game should be widely available to everyone. iPhone users.

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