Four armed assailants in La Concordia, Ecuador, died due to an unplanned grenade explosion

Grenade detonation in La Concordia vehicle leads to four deaths, two critically injured; event shocks Ecuador and goes viral online.

In the early hours of August 2nd, an unsettling incident occurred in the Ecuadorian town of La Concordia. Seemingly on a mission, six armed men targeted a house, unleashing a hail of bullets from their semi-automatic weapons.

Caught on Camera

Surveillance footage from the Santo Domingo Province captured the entire episode. The video, which has since gone viral on social media platforms, shows the assailants firing at the residence before quickly getting into a waiting vehicle to make their escape.

Many social media users who watched the video quipped about the attackers being “caught by karma” due to the turn of events that followed.

A Hasty Getaway Goes Wrong

As the attackers sped away in their getaway vehicle, a sudden explosion occurred within the truck after traveling merely 100 meters. Preliminary investigations by the police, as reported by Soy 502, suggest one of the attackers might have mistakenly set off an active grenade inside the vehicle.

Criminals fired at a house in La Concordia. During their escape, one of them apparently forgot to throw a grenade, causing it to explode inside the vehicle.

  • 2 critically injured
  • The rest perished.” — Alerta Mundial (@AlertaMundial2) September 4, 2023

Consequences of the Blast

The explosion had devastating effects on the occupants of the vehicle: four of the men died on the spot, while the remaining two sustained critical injuries. Remarkably, despite the assault on the residence, no other casualties or injuries were reported from the house targeted.

The group’s apparent leader, whose orders the attackers seemed to be following as they boarded the vehicle, has not been identified from the footage.

Public Reaction and Official Response

The Ecuadorian authorities have yet to release an official statement concerning the video circulating online. Meanwhile, the public’s response to the event has been a mix of shock and irony, with many noting the misfortune that befell the attackers.