Fourth check, economic stimulus announced for Americans

  • Group of people may be eligible for the fourth economic stimulus check
  • They are front-line employees who could receive help from the government
  • It could be up to $ 600 each that would receive the support

A group of people may be eligible to obtain the fourth economic stimulus check issued by the United States government and here we will tell you which citizens may be, according to information published by the Market Realist news portal.

It would be the employees who work in meatpacking companies, agricultural workers and supermarket employees who will be eligible to receive benefits of up to $ 600 per person, since they were the most affected by the covid pandemic since last year.


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But why is there this possibility? It was the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States, Tom Vilsack, who last September announced that some Americans will receive a fourth economic stimulus check payment from the government.

At that time it was said that the funds would be taken from a $ 700 million program that was previously endorsed to help employees who work in these industries, so that they can meet all the commitments of their family on a daily basis.


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Although it is not known for sure how those resources would be distributed, the only thing that is known is that $ 20 million of them would be set aside for workers in grocery stores, in order to benefit more people for their families and their dependents.

The remedies are said to have been approved early on in the American Rescue Plan Act, which the Joe Biden administration enacted last March. Payment is forecast to come from state agencies and governments rather than the federal government. Filed Under: Fourth Check

Fourth check: ONLY ONE REQUEST

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Currently, a group of legislators seek to promote the delivery of a fourth economic stimulus check for people who need to support their families, payments that would be being delivered on a regular basis to US citizens who require it.

Until September 29, a petition launched on the internet, added more than 2.9 signatures of people who accepted a request to request the United States government to support a fourth check, however, for today it is a possibility that is seen to be available for the people of the USA


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Although at the moment the delivery of a fourth economic stimulus check is not safe, it is known that those who would receive it would be those who receive Social Security disability, retirement or SSI benefits, so it is believed that Social Security benefits for older people they would go up next year.

Due to its strong financial structure, California is the only state that has sent a stimulus check of its funds in the form of the Golden State Incentive, since it has a surplus in its finances, so it is not difficult for it to deliver that financial aid . Filed Under: Fourth Check

Fourth check: THE CONDITIONS

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What is true is that residents who earn income between $ 30,000 and $ 75,000 per year are eligible for $ 500 or $ 600, as well as $ 500 for households with dependent children.

In turn, the state government declared that citizens who could receive social security assistance would not get the stimulus payment, even if it is their only source of income for the whole family in times of crisis due to the coronavirus that appeared in a end of 2019.

Fourth check: FIGHT POVERTY

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A huge government aid package approved in response to the coronavirus pandemic lifted millions of Americans out of poverty last year, even as the official poverty rate rose slightly, the U.S. Census Bureau reported Tuesday.

The official measure of poverty rose one percentage point in 2020, when 11.4% of Americans lived in such a situation, or more than 37 million people. It was the first increase in poverty after five consecutive annual decreases. Filed Under: Fourth Check

Fourth check: MEASURE

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But the Census Bureau’s supplemental measure of poverty, which takes into account government benefit and stimulus payment programs, showed that the number of people living in poverty dropped significantly after aid was taken into account. .

The supplemental poverty measure was 2.6 percentage points lower than its level recorded in 2019, before the pandemic. Stimulus payments lifted 11.7 million people out of poverty, while unemployment benefits kept 5.5 million from falling into poverty. Social Security remained the most effective anti-poverty program in the nation.


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The finding is likely to resonate in divided Congress, where a $ 3.5 trillion spending proposal from President Joe Biden faces an uncertain outlook. Two of the pillars of last year’s response to COVID-19 – higher unemployment benefits and a federal moratorium on evictions – have expired, raising concerns.

“The main conclusion of this report is the extremely powerful anti-poverty and pro-income impact of the government’s response in 2020,” said spokeswoman Emilie Simons. “It’s not enough to temporarily lift people out of poverty, we have to provide opportunities for American workers and their families to stay that way.” Filed Under: Fourth Check


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Census Bureau reports released Tuesday cover income, poverty and health insurance, and amount to an annual review of the economic situation of average Americans. They are based on extensive surveys and analysis. During last year’s epic economic collapse, employers cut 22.4 million jobs in March and April, the biggest decrease since tracking began in the 1940s.

Weekly claims for unemployment benefits topped 6 million in a single week in April, the most ever on record. Since then, the economy has regained three-quarters of those lost jobs, but the United States still has 5.3 million fewer jobs than it did before the pandemic started. Filed Under: Fourth Check


Fourth check
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Since the government of the then President of the United States, Donald Trump, in March of last year, the first support began to be given to families to face the crisis caused by the pandemic, with a check that would alleviate the burdens.

So far, citizens have received a total of three economic stimulus checks, as part of the support that the federal government gives to all to improve their economic situation, especially if they were affected by a source of employment. Filed Under: Fourth Check