France evacuates 11 thousand more people due to the two fires south of Bordeaux

Paris.- The French authorities They decided this Monday the preventive evacuation of some 11,500 people more for the two fires that broke out south of Bordeaux on Tuesday of last week and that have already burned nearly 15,000 hectares.

The Prefecture (Government delegation) announced this afternoon on its Twitter account the preventive eviction of the towns of Villandraut, Noaillan and Léogeats, close to Landiras, the municipality where a fire that “progresses” started, and that it has already burned 10,500 hectares500 more than had been counted in the morning.

Some 8,000 people live in these three towns and they will join the around 3,500 that they had to evacuate in the morning in the neighborhoods of Miquelots and Pilat, in La Teste de Buch, where the other great fire in the Gironde department is located, where 4,300 hectares have burned.

Until this Monday, 16,000 people had already had to be evicted from their homes and campsites. There have been no fatalities, although some homes, restaurants and other buildings have been burned.

In the extinction work on both fronts, 1,700 firefighters are mobilized, supported from the sky by six Canadair-type seaplanes and three Dash-type water bomber planes.

This all comes in the midst of a heat wave that has been affecting the south of France for more than a week and that this Monday reaches its peak with fifteen departments on the Atlantic coast on red alert due to the heat wave.

Meteorological services have anticipated temperatures that can reach or exceed the threshold of 40 degrees in that region, particularly in cities such as Bordeaux or Mont de Marsan.

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In fact, in the early afternoon, some historical temperature record had already been registered, such as in the port of Brest, in Brittany, with 35.8 degrees, above the previous maximum that had occurred in 1949 with 35.2 degrees.

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