France resumes use of face masks in the face of a new wave of COVID-19

health authorities of France They announced that sanitary measures will be taken to try to control the wave of infections from COVID-19 that is lived in this country, such as the use of face masks in public spaces and crowded places.

In this regard, the Minister of Health, Brigitte Bourguignon explained that although this measure was not established as mandatory, it does highly recommend that the population resume the use of face maskespecially in spaces such as public transport, to avoid getting coronavirus.

The health crisis caused by COVID-19 for two years is still not over, and several countries are experiencing new outbreaks, which has caused concern from health authorities who fear that the pandemic will get out of control again. In others, the situation is pleasant, such as in Shanghai where 0 cases of this disease were recently reported.

Wave of COVID-19 confirmed in France

France is going through a new wave of COVID-19 Authorities asked to use face masks again

The Minister of Health indicated that one factor that has caused the resurgence of COVID-19 cases in France is the presence of new variants, which, although less lethal, are more contagious. In that sense, she specified that today 17 thousand 601 new infections of this disease were detected.

Last week, the French health authorities confirmed that this country was in a new wave of coronavirus, like other European countries, so they did not rule out establishing some health measures to control the spread of this disease.

Regarding hospitalizations for this disease, it was indicated that 15,099 have been registered since this outbreak was detected, which has also put the authorities on alert since it is a significant increase with respect to figures reported in previous months.

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Vaccines against COVID-19 saved lives

The authorities asked to use face masks again

Recently, it was revealed that a study published in a major scientific journal revealed that COVID-19 vaccines saved around 20 million lives worldwide.

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