Francisca asks her followers about something she thinks would be a sin

Francisca from ‘Wake up America’ He shared with his Instagram followers, which are more than 3.9, something related to his son Gennaro and his hair. The Dominican presenter and actress indicated that there are people who have told her to cut her little one’s hair and she consulted the opinion of her fans on that social network.

One-year-old Gennaro is seen in the pictures, his curly hair shimmering in the sun. Francisca even considered that it would be a ‘sin’ to cut her little one’s hair.

“What the cut… It is what many are telling me, for different reasons that are in the comments of the last video that I uploaded with him, reasons that make my eyes look like this. What do you think around here? Don’t you think it would be a sin to cut those pretty curls? “was the message that Francisca wrote to accompany the gallery of images that have achieved more than 37,000 likes on that digital platform.

These are some of the comments left to the Dominican presenter as a result of her publication. Among them, some entertainment personalities stand out.

Astrid Rivera: People are critical and nosy.

Alexander Chaban: The coolest!!!! Nephew leave it like that.

Elyangelica Gonzalez: That boy is too handsome. However he has his hair, however he wants him to be dressed. Who can see a baby with a critical eye? The only thing a baby can inspire is tenderness.

“You can cut them off a bit, they will still grow back and even more beautiful,” Leave it like that, it’s your baby and it looks beautiful, God bless him.” “Sin is getting involved in what doesn’t matter to him… leave him his hair so it’s beautiful…”, “Beautiful with his curls and the decision to cut his hair is only up to you, his parents” and “Those curls are the most beautiful!” Some of his followers told him.

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