Francisca is surprised and celebrates that her ‘family’ continues to grow


Photo: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Francisca reached 3.8 million followers on Instagram and celebrated with some beautiful photos with silver balloons that mark “3.8 M”. These The photos were taken in a beautiful garden and Francisca hugged these balloons, and even posed with her mouth open, as if surprised, for having reached this figure on this popular social network.

“3.8 MILLION PEOPLE OVER HERE!! WOWWWW THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! What a joy to know that this family continues to grow. I love you so much! I receive the new ones with much love and to those who have always followed me, I thank them for their unconditional support.. Let’s go for more family. Leave me lots of hearts in the comments.” It was the message that Francisca wrote after reaching this number of fans on Instagram.

Francisca opened her Instagram account on July 5, 2014. It took the Dominican host of ‘Despierta América’ almost 8 years to reach this magical figure. His fans clearly made themselves felt at this time. These are some of the messages left for the Dominican, who celebrated her ecclesiastical wedding with Francesco Zampoga a few days ago:

“I love you, I follow your improvement and that motivates me to continue day by day. Blessings”, “Good things happen to good people and you deserve a lot” and “You deserve it, you are a fighter and an excellent example to follow in all generations” are some of those beautiful messages. Many of the comments are red hearts, as she requested in the text that she shared next to the photo gallery.

Francisca constantly shares content with her fans on Instagram. On May 6, she married Francesco Zampogna in the church and her followers on this social network were the main witnesses of everything that happened at the wedding. Well, both Francisca and the guests, and even ‘Wake up America’, did not stop sharing images of what the entire ceremony was like and the moments that were experienced before and after.

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