Francisca Lachapel brave and natural showed how her body is after pregnancy

Francisca Lachapel brave and natural showed how her body is after pregnancy

Francisca Lachapel.

Photo: Despierta América / Univision

A month and a half after the birth of Gennaro Zampogna, his happy mommy, Francisca lachapel, brave and natural showed how her body is after pregnancy.

The beloved presenter of ‘Despierta América’ clarified that it was not a souvenir photo of Thursday, but of a ‘here and now’, with his body after having formed and given life to who today is his everything: his son.

I’d love to tell you it’s a #tbt😂 butoooo no, that’s me right now at this stage where I have received the greatest blessing of my life, being a mother to Gennaro!
Where every day I have the joy of hugging a beautiful doll that I still can’t believe came out of me.

I imagine that like me there are many other women who when giving birth do not feel safe with the transformation of the body. The doctor already told me that I can go back to my normal life and exercise so, today I start this challenge that will not be easy, but I’ll do my best! You know me! 💪🏽

Today I tell all the moms that more than ever I understand them in many things and I admire them! Happy day! I accept any advice!“Francisca wrote accompanying him with the next photo, where she is shown with exercise clothes, her abdomen on the outside and completely natural.

Visibly much safer since Gennaro was born, anddoes not seem to hurt what they say, bad intentions or bullying. Recall that during pregnancy she made a video in which she assured that she was so tired of criticism about how she looked during pregnancy, that she had even thought about closing her social networks.

Today, safer, happy with the family she is forming, and knowing that each act will be an example for Gennaro, Francisca is ready for her new challenge: get your best physical version.

And, one day after posting the message, The morning has already started walking to do a good cardiovascular exercise, before continuing with his tasks of mother, wife and moving!

Yes, among all the changes there is also a new house, so between Gennaro and his preparation for the return to ‘Despierta América’, he also had to put everything in boxes for your new adventure: moving from an apartment to a huge house. Congratulations Francisca!

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