Francisca Lachapel carried a rosary and her father’s photo in her bouquet: she walked hand in hand with her mother and together with her father’s spirit

Francesca Lachapel.

Photo: Wake up America / Univision

Alejandro Chabán shared one of the most special details of the wedding of Francesca Lachapel. And it is that even though apparently she walked only hand in hand with her mother to the altar. She was actually in the company of her father as well.

“At the wedding, everything had its meaning,” said Chabán, according to what Mezcaliente shared. But the most special of all was in the bouquet of flowers that the bride carried on her way to the arms of her beloved husband.

The Venezuelan said: “The girls who organized the wedding (Difiore) put a rosary inside the bouquet (of flowers) and inside the rosary there was a photo of Francisca’s father; it was one of the most beautiful things and it really had a meaning for her because yes, people would say she walked the rug without her dad, but for her, she was walking with her dad and mom“Said Francisca’s close friend, who along with Jomari Goyso were the closest to the bride throughout this wedding process.

And it is that while Jomari was aware of everything related to the dress and others, Chabán was in charge of seeing them because her friend lost weight in a healthy and forceful way.

Yesterday, Francisca shared a video on Instagram in which you can see in broad strokes how her wedding with Francesco in the Dominican Republic was. “Everything changes with you @franczampogna How I always dreamed of it and a little more,” Francisca says next to the video.

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