Francisca Lachapel continues with her training for her return to ‘Despierta América’

Francisca lachapel She has surprised her followers with a recent video that she has uploaded to her Instagram account showing her how her daily routine has been to achieve her postpartum figure.

The popular and spoiled television presenter whom the viewer public has become fond of for her career within the morning “Wake up America”She recently had to move away to have her first child Gennaro Zampogna a few months ago.

But now for weeks the Dominican has been working very hard on her physical recovery after giving birth, so she has not hesitated to share with her fans a few days after her return to the show how her training sessions have been.

In the video that he has published on his social network, you can see the dedication he puts in because from an early hour he is already on his feet and ready to start his routine, he takes his bottle of water and goes to the gym to give everything in each one of his exercises, always with the best attitude.

Good Morning! There are just a few days left for my return to Despierta América, little by little, soft little sweet. Here we go! Have a nice day!“Said the host under the post.

Lachapel reached 217 pounds by the final stage of her pregnancy, so now her goal is to lose weight, with great willpower, perseverance, but above all with patience, as it is a slow process.

The reactions to his post did not take long to arrive and his followers have sent him motivational phrases to continue on his path and soon reach his goal.

Muscles have memory! Give it hard“,”I don’t know about you, but I find her more beautiful now“,”How cute Francisca I admire you a lot, thank you for being an example to Latin women, I also went through that and I totally identified with you, if you can.“Some fans have written to him.

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