Francisca Lachapel dances merengue with the mayor of NY, Eric Adams, and they name May 16 as the day of Wake up America

Francisca Lachapel, presenter of Despierta América – Photo: Rob Kim. /Getty Images

Despierta América transmitted from Times Square this morning, and one of their talents, specifically Francesca Lachapel, did not hesitate to invite the mayor of New York, Eric Adams, to dance merengue in the middle of the Manhattan and in front of all those present and the spectators of Univision.

The Dominican traveled, among other things, to New York for the premiere of The Valet with Eugenio Derbez, but Francesca Lachapel seems to still have energy left over from her wedding spree and she didn’t hesitate to shake her body to the rhythm of merengue with Mayor Eric Adams himself. The latter, neither short, nor lazy, followed the steps of the star of Despierta América.

In addition, Univision is celebrating 25 years of transmission. Their talents attending the anniversary were Raul Gonzalez, Alan Tacher, Galilea Montijo, Dr. Juan Rivera and Karla Martinez. But it was the beautiful Francesca Lachapel the one who stole the show in her own way.

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The fans of the beautiful winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina approached her to ask for photos and autographs. Her humility has crossed borders and we cannot ignore the fact that it was there, precisely in New York, where the destiny of Francesca Lachapel changed forever. Of course, it has become an example to follow among the Latin community in the Big Apple, where Dominicans and Puerto Ricans predominate.

Recently, Francesca Lachapel cried with her friends at Despierta América, explaining that her dream came true on the day of her ecclesiastical wedding with Francesco Zampogna. She recounted in detail how, as a humble young man of color, she conquered the space that she occupies today, thinking it was practically impossible at first.

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Now all this has changed. Francesca Lachapel is a prominent TV presenter. She is also a very proud mother, who still continues to work every day from early morning, putting Latin women all the way up. Without a doubt she serves as a guide for “If you want, you can”.

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