Francisca Lachapel gave her fans a scare by starting with her New Year’s resolutions

Francisca Lachapel works to get the figure she wants. The Dominican presenter of Despierta América has started the year 2022 exercising and having fun as she always does and has shared it with her most loyal followers on social networks, who are always aware of what little Gennaro’s mother does in her day a day.

In the reels you shared, this format that he has already used on several occasions to share part of the fun exercise routines or challenges that he performs in the company of his coach Yasmani, he is seen on a treadmill jogging at a considerable speed and suddenly jumps off it to fall in front of the camera that records it and laughs widely. This situation caused anguish in more than one of his followers.

Lachapel wears a black sports outfit in this video, while her hair is tied up in a bun that has been falling out little by little.

“So are my resolutions for this year. But they go… I have already started and that is the important thing ”, says about the images in the video. In the text that accompanies the clip on Instagram, he highlights: “My goals for this year and I 😂Everything with a little humor tastes better. 🙆🏽‍♀️ ”.

These are some of the comments he has generated with his New Year’s resolution and the scare he gave:

“I love happy people”

“Fran, happiness makes you fat, that is why it has been difficult for you to return to your ideal weight. Dad God continue to bless you.”

“Stop inventing look and you almost fell, please take care”

“Bravo … I like your attitude and your motivation is contagious”

“Oh God, girl, stop inventing big girl, you scared me from your RD”

“Ayyy what a danger, another day not even relaxing, I have seen a lot”

Since Francisca Lachapel gave birth to her first son Gennaro on July 7, 2021, one of the most beautiful stages of her life began and she has constantly shared with her followers part of this stage of her motherhood that melts the whole world of love and has also embarked on a path to recover his figurine and has focused on the exercises to do.

Nonetheless, Many have been those who have admitted that with those curves that the pregnancy left her, she looks sensational.

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