Francisca Lachapel is put to lose weight in the middle of Despierta América

  • Francisca Lachapel was exposed in the middle of the Despierta América show
  • Are you being exploited for your extra pounds?
  • The driver seems very comfortable and they assure that motherhood suited her wonderfully

This year, Francisca Lachapel has been the happiest to become a mother, but it was not an easy process due to the criticism she received for her physical appearance during and now after pregnancy and although she claims to be comfortable and proud of her body, in Wake up America, are you being put to lose weight urgently in the middle of the program?

The sexiest and most beautiful Dominican on Hispanic television returned a few weeks ago to Despierta América after giving birth to her baby Gennaro, the charismatic and tender son of Francisca Lachapel who has stolen everyone’s heart, but the host has not yet recovered the pre pregnancy figure.

Francisca Lachapel, more weight gain than normal?

Instagram: Wake up America

Although many people think that motherhood suited Francisca Lachapel wonderfully, it is natural that pregnancy has still raged on her body and she proudly shows off her curves with the outfits she wears in her program, however, is it fair that they expose her So?

In a recent segment of Despierta América called ‘Postpartum Exercises’, they put the Dominican driver to exercise to lose the extra pounds she had since she was relieved of the baby Gennaro, but there were people who believed that they are exposing her to ‘take advantage’ of his physique.

The host of Despierta América surprises everyone with her curvy figure

Francisca Lachapel exhibited in Despierta América

“My beautiful people, you know that when I returned from my delivery I made a commitment to you to share my process of losing the extra weight that my pregnancy left me, that’s why I put myself in the hands of my great friend Yasmany and you will say ‘yes Because you have a personal trainer, you can be talking ‘and no, here today’s exercises can be done at home… ”, Francisca Lachapel began by saying.

The host of Despierta América wore purple pants with stripes and white, pink and gray squares in certain parts of her body, with a black blouse underneath, all fitted that molded her body very well and although she is not skeletal as before, yes it is a worthy figure of a new mother.

They make Francisca Lachapel sweat with the exercises

Francisca Lachapel in Despierta América

First, the coach Yasmany put Francisca Lachapel to warm up to the rhythm of the music, opening and closing her arms and legs, to later put her on squats with leg elevation and finally give her the position of the plank to tone her abdomen and arms.

With two minutes of continuous exercises, the host of Despierta América got tired and asked if there would not be a break before the laughter of her colleagues who did not hesitate to cheer her on so that she can return to the pre-pregnancy body and get rid of those extra pounds. they bring you criticism.

People are amazed by Francisca Lachapel’s attitude to lose weight

The host in Despierta América

In the video of Francisca Lachapel’s exercises in Despierta América, posted on the show’s Instagram, people demonstrated in support of the brunette: “But it’s either me or Francisca is prettier now after being a mom”, “You have very good coach. And you can “,” That routine is good “,” Very beautiful Fran “,” The end of the pregnancy is 9 months and a week they pretend that the woman is with the figure that she maintained prior to it, what pressure “.

One person was emphatic in how it is exhibited: “I love that the producers of Despierta América do not miss a single opportunity or condition of any of their figures to create a segment in the program. Poor Francisca was weighed from the first day she came to the program as if a woman feels proud of being overweight after giving birth or as it is not something normal ”. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF FRANCISCA LACHAPEL TRAINING

The host of Despierta América is not afraid to show herself ‘natural’

Wake up America exercises

“This is me and I’m not ashamed at all.” The Dominican presenter Francisca Lachapel surprised on social networks by appearing in a video without any makeup, and she orders to silence all those who criticize her for her physical appearance, stating that “Not because she is on television means that she will always be always made up ”.

Things have gotten a bit complicated for Francisca, and since she announced that she was pregnant with Gennaro, also the son of businessman Francesco Zampogna, the 32-year-old driver has become the center of countless criticisms, which have been directed especially to their physical appearance.

Francisca is criticized for appearing without makeup on video

Francisca is criticized for appearing without makeup on video
VIDEO: Facebook

In a recent video, the host of Despierta América, silenced all the criticism that began to rain on her after appearing in a video on her social networks without any makeup, which was intended to help and give advice to users, however was harshly criticized for “not having made up even a bit to appear on camera.”

According to People in Spanish, in the video that was harshly criticized, Francisca was at her mother-in-law’s house, showing the giant pillow that was of great help during her pregnancy, which she shared with the followers to alleviate the discomfort during the gestation.

Francisca silences all criticism regarding her physical appearance

Francisca appears on video without makeup and shuts up all criticism regarding her physical appearance
VIDEO: Facebook

After this, Francisca Lachapel began to rain endless criticism about it, because she had appeared in the video without putting on makeup, despite the fact that she was at her mother-in-law’s house and with her family, this caused her to publish another video on his official Facebook account and shut up all those teasing, stating that it did not bother him at all to show his face without makeup.

In the video, which she posted on her Facebook, Francisca with her face washed and no trace of makeup, the host began her message with the following: “Well with this video I’m going to make a few people get angry again, because in The video that I put yesterday where I was with my mother-in-law showing them a pillow, I saw that many people, and ladies, got angry because it did not come out fixed ”.

“Aren’t you all wearing makeup at home all the time ?; Francisca Lachapel ‘faces’ teasing

VIDEO: Facebook

“She told me ‘oh fix yourself a little’, ‘put on a little make-up’ because I am half sloppy for many,” continued the driver, before this Francisca thanked for these criticisms, however, the opportunity to ask all those women who criticized her if they, too, were always wearing makeup at home:

“I want to ask a question here, everyone, all of you, when you are at home or at the mother-in-law’s house helping with some things, organizing, cooking, are you always super hyper mega makeup?”, He asked forcefully. “And I want to know to know if I am a little behind.”

“I want to let my skin breathe”: The host of Despierta América is sincere

VIDEO: Facebook

Given this, Francisca confessed that when she goes out to the program or has an important meeting or goes for a walk, she does usually put on makeup, however when she is at home she prefers not to, to rest her skin from all the makeup she uses during her work: ” Obviously when they see me at work, with makeup 5 days a week, from 5 in the morning to one, obviously I like that when I’m at home I don’t put on makeup, to let my skin breathe ”.

“So I don’t know if any of you feel the same way, if when you are at home you are obviously simple and without makeup, or always when you are at home like this, because the truth is that I do not do it, only when I have visitors. a specific event, I take a wash and my makeup ”.

“This is me, and I’m not ashamed”, the forceful response of the host of Despierta América

VIDEO: Facebook

Francisca Lachapel confessed that she made these videos to be more in contact with her followers, but if she sees that people continue to bother her, she will have to put on makeup, but it is very likely that she will stop doing them more often: “If some of them bother them, I don’t know Maybe I have to start putting my makeup on before making a video, but if I warn you that I will have to go through the makeup process to tell you something, then I will never publish anything, especially now that Gennaro occupies 80% of my attention ”.

“This is me, and I am not at all ashamed to go out without makeup, to truly show what I am, of course when I’m at work they see me super makeup and production and everything, but I’m at home I’m normal, like most of all of us, or is it that if I am on television I must already be wearing makeup even though I am at home? “