Francisca Lachapel puts on a dress she wore pregnant again: look at the before and after

Francisca lachapel

Photo: Jared Siskin / Getty Images

Francisca Lachapel has made a comparison between her pregnancy and now that she is six months after bringing little Gennaro into the world. Wearing the same dress, the Dominican presenter published two images comparing before and now.

“In the photo on the left I have my little boy inside me and in the photo on the right I have a girdle for the tasty belly that my @gennarozampogna left me that by the way today is 6 months old, “wrote the Dominican and presenter of Despierta América.

She also assured that she has her favorite photo, and that her followers should know what it is: “If you ask me which one is my favorite, I think you know the answer,” he added.

These are some of the comments that photography has aroused in her followers, who have accompanied her throughout her motherhood process and from one or another famous friend:

Nashla Bogaert: “How beautiful you are, Francisca! In all your stages ”.

Zumaya Lamb: Bring me a dozen of those girdles please

Astrid Rivera: Beautiful at every stage

Migbelis Castellanos: Can’t decide

“Likewise, be authentic, that public figures are not Transformers and we all go through that”, “Beautiful Francisca, you are such a special, humble and real being. I admire you a lot. God bless you and your whole family “ and “So transparent do not change please” are some of the messages from his followers.

Recently Francisca Lachapel announced that she fulfilled one of her biggest dreams. And it is that the Dominican will return to acting in a comic series that she recorded in her native country:

“I am very happy to tell you that I reconnect with one of my greatest passions, acting. Soon you will be able to see this series @liosdefamilia that I recorded in my country with great talents from my land. Thank you @zumayacordero and @caribbeancinemasrd for the opportunity. I had a lot of fun. Let’s go for more! 💪🏽 ”, he said.

Y we have also seen her exercising frequently and He also scared his followers by jumping off a treadmill he was jogging on.

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