Francisca Lachapel reached her ideal weight body looks shocking (PHOTOS)

  • Did Francisca Lachapel reach her ideal weight again?
  • After hard training sessions, the host of Despierta América ‘lost the extra kilos’
  • After becoming a mother, the Dominican had been left with her very curvy body

After days of absence from Despierta América, Francisca Lachapel finally appeared on the show again and now her body showed the remarkable change that everyone was waiting for: she lost the kilos gained since pregnancy and now her figure looks even better than before having a her baby Gennaro.

The criticism for Francisca Lachapel was very harsh when she announced that she would become a mother and then the entire pregnancy process faced the worst, because people did not get used to seeing her swollen and with the changes typical of a woman about to be a mother, for what he decided to ‘get away’ a bit from social networks so as not to read insults against him.

Francisca Lachapel and her new body, how many kilos did she lose?

Instagram: Francisca Lachapel

A few weeks ago, on her Instagram account, one of the photos that received the most criticism was the one at the top, where she can be seen in an evening dress for a program of ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina‘ and remarkably wide and with kilos still of the pregnancy, people did not tire of pointing it out.

Faced with the attacks, Francisca decided to ‘put an end’ to that figure and start in the purest Adamari López style, a rigorous training of several days in order to lose the fat accumulated by pregnancy and get the body of a beauty queen that she had before being a mom.

Did Francisca Lachapel’s body reach its ideal weight?

Have you already lost weight?

The outfits that the host of Despierta América is put on in the program have benefited her silhouette to look fitter and more in line with her weight, however, the beauty of Francisca Lachapel and the body that she has is undeniable to note that your workouts are helping you by leaps and bounds.

With an elegant white long-sleeved blouse and her waisted skirt showing the leg, Francisca Lachapel conquered in one of the broadcasts of Despierta América and the comments for her appeared in praise of the great image she has shown since she became a mother.

Thinner and people applaud it

Francisca Lachapel body

In her most recent Instagram video, Francisca Lachapel is seen with her coach very energetic and ready to train hard doing cardio and thus reach her peak of beauty and regain the body that she had so hard to maintain when she began the process of her baby Gennaro.

With her long hair, her leggings and top, the Dominican woman shows off her face more beautiful than ever, but what undoubtedly stole people’s glances is her body that is undoubtedly better than ever, a product of exercise and energy. diet, is it that you want to compete with Adamari López and be just as thin?

Does it look better than Adamari? Francisca Lachapel shows off her ‘new body’

Francisca Lachapel body

If Adamari López managed to lose the extra kilos in the space of a year and a half, Francisca Lachapel did it in just 6 months, so the commitment she had is undeniable and the top photo with a light blue dress shows the slim body she now possesses. and has all his fans delighted who commented on the Instagram photo:

“Every day more beautiful and slim”, “Francisca is beautiful”, “Very beautiful woman after she had her child you changed a lot and that very beautiful dress and very good color girl”, “Always beautiful, more now that she has a beautiful FAMILY “,” You had to see it good to see you back Fran “,” Here with an extra three meters of fabric for the dress “, some people commented.

The body of the driver has suffered harsh criticism

New body of the driver

This year, Francisca Lachapel has been the happiest to become a mother, but it was not an easy process due to the criticism she received for her physical appearance during and now after pregnancy and although she claims to be comfortable and proud of her body, in Wake up America, are you being put to lose weight urgently in the middle of the program?

The sexiest and most beautiful Dominican on Hispanic television returned a few weeks ago to Despierta América after giving birth to her baby Gennaro, the charismatic and tender son of Francisca Lachapel who has stolen everyone’s heart, but the host has not yet recovered the pre-pregnancy figure.

Francisca Lachapel, more weight gain than normal?

Francisca Lachapel Wake Up America
Instagram: Wake up America

Although many people think that motherhood suited Francisca Lachapel wonderfully, it is natural that pregnancy has still raged on her body and she proudly shows off her curves with the outfits she wears in her program, however, is it fair that they expose her So?

In a recent segment of Despierta América called ‘Postpartum Exercises’, they put the Dominican driver to exercise to lose the extra pounds she had since she was relieved of baby Gennaro, but there were people who believed that they are exposing her to ‘take advantage’ of his physique.

The host of Despierta América surprises everyone with her curvy figure

Francisca Lachapel exhibited in Despierta América

“My beautiful people, you know that when I returned from my delivery I made a commitment to you to share my process of losing the extra weight that my pregnancy left me, that’s why I put myself in the hands of my great friend Yasmany and you will say ‘yes Because you have a personal trainer, you can be talking ‘and no, here today’s exercises can be done at home… ”, Francisca Lachapel began.

The host of Despierta América put on purple pants with stripes and white, pink and gray squares in certain parts of her body, with a black blouse underneath, all fitted that molded her body very well and although she is not skeletal as before, yes it is a worthy figure of a new mother.

They make Francisca Lachapel sweat with the exercises

Francisca Lachapel in Despierta América

First, the coach Yasmany put Francisca Lachapel to warm up to the rhythm of the music, opening and closing her arms and legs, to later put her on squats with leg elevation and finally give her the position of the plank to tone the abdomen and arms.

With two minutes of continuous exercises, the host of Despierta América got tired and asked if there would not be a break before the laughter of her colleagues who did not hesitate to cheer her on so that she can return to the pre-pregnancy body and get rid of those extra pounds. they bring criticism.

People are amazed by Francisca Lachapel’s attitude to lose weight

The host in Despierta América

In the video of Francisca Lachapel’s exercises in Despierta América, posted on the show’s Instagram, people demonstrated in support of the brunette: “But it’s either me or Francisca is prettier now after being a mom”, “You have very good coach. And you can “,” That routine is good “,” Very beautiful Fran “,” The term of the pregnancy is 9 months and a week they already want the woman to be with the figure that she maintained prior to it, what pressure “.

One person was emphatic in how it is exhibited: “I love that the producers of Despierta América do not miss a single opportunity or condition of any of their figures to create a segment in the program. Poor Francisca was weighed from the first day she came to the program as if some woman feels proud of being overweight after giving birth or as it is not something normal ”. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF FRANCISCA LACHAPEL TRAINING

The host of Despierta América is not afraid to show herself ‘natural’

Wake up America exercises

“This is me and I’m not ashamed at all.” The Dominican presenter Francisca Lachapel surprised on social networks by appearing in a video without any makeup, and orders to silence all those who criticize her for her physical appearance, stating that “Not because she is on television means that she will always be always made up ”.

Things have gotten a bit complicated for Francisca, and since she announced that she was pregnant with Gennaro, also the son of businessman Francesco Zampogna, the 32-year-old driver has become the center of countless criticisms, which have been directed especially to his physical appearance. Some images of this note come from this and this videos.

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