Francisca Lachapel shared a beautiful video with her son, but a little animal stole the show

The Dominican driver Francisca Lachapel has shared with her Instagram followers a beautiful and tender video of her son Gennaro. In the audiovisual, the little boy is seen learning to crawl and managing to move from his initial position until he is a little closer to his mother.

I’m proud of you”, Lachapel tells Gennaro at the end of the video as he picks him up, hugs him and showers him with kisses.

This important moment in Gennaro’s life, whom we may soon see taking his first steps, was accompanied by a cute and emotional message that her mother wrote to immortalize the moment on Instagram:

“Oh Diosito I only ask you for health and life to be there for him. Not to avoid falls, or tears, or the lessons in life that you have to learn, but to lend you my ear when you need to be heard, lend him my shoulder when he needs support and shelter. Give him some advice when he needs direction, applaud his achievements, scold him when necessary and most importantly, to always make him feel that he is a very loved child, “said the Dominican.

He also added: “It is true what they say that time flies. look at my little boy almost crawling! 😍❤️🙏🏽”.

In addition to showing Gennaro at this stage in his life, In the video, a squirrel walking on a cable was recorded. that is seen in the patio and the followers did not miss this little detail:

“How beautiful God bless him And did anyone else see the squirrel over the wiring?”

“How gorgeous. There’s a squirrel on the wire.”

“So beautiful that this Dlbm! How did I see a squirrel? or something to go through the cable that is outside”

“Who saw the squirrel or I don’t know what crossing the wire “

So far the post has garnered more than 483 thousand likes and also some comments from famous personalities:

Raphy Pina: What a beauty! He was ahead of Vidita Jejej crazy that they meet ❤️❤️

Chiquis: How cute 😍😍😍😍

Elyangelica Gonzalez: My puchu is big. Soon I will see you puchu ❤️

Luz Maria Doria: My God. In February he walks to the show😍

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