Francisca Lachapel sweeps everyone away in Despierta América: whoever can get away

The joy of Francisca lachapel and his energy sweeps everyone around him. And the public of Despierta América is fascinated with her. Gennaro’s mom has a contagious attitude and her fans admire her a lot for this. There are always those who criticize her, but the host, actress and model ignores these malicious comments.

Given the energy and happiness of Francisca Lachapel, a fan of the program commented: “Quiiiiitenseeee del medioooo !! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ”. And indeed, Francisca seemed willing to take with her, anyone who crossed her path.

The public is also delighted with the nature of Francisca Lachapel, how she has stated that her new curves meant a problem for her, and how little by little she has been accepting them, but struggling to naturally regain her weight and figure.

But in the process, Francisca Lachapel does not hide her body. Here we show you how this Dominican is proud of her curves and is not even aware of the sizes. She has decided to be beautiful.

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The public of Despierta América is delighted with the new curves of Francisca Lachapel