Francisca Lachapel unexpected photo baby Gennaro and controversy ends

  • Francisca Lachapel is once again the center of attention for her baby Gennaro
  • The host of Despierta América shares a new photo of her son
  • The controversy is unleashed by how shocking the little one looks

Two months after Francisca Lachapel had a baby, her little Gennaro is now her entire life and she shows it by sharing images of the child and how she feels now that she is a new mother, however, now a recent photograph has sparked a controversy over how the child looks. infant.


Francisca Lachapel’s baby Gennaro is adored and loved by everyone and now a tremendous debate has arisen in a new image where he looks angelic and with a lot of hair posing very flirtatious and in his arms, but the comments of the people did not wait for the physical change you have had.

Francisca Lachapel’s baby is the subject of controversy

Francisca Lachapel baby

Through the Instagram accounts of Francisca Lachapel and Despierta América, the controversial photograph of little Gennaro in the arms apparently of his grandmother was uploaded, staring at the camera, very serious and with a different face than his two months old.

“Look who is two months old today .. @gennarozampogna @francisca Oh my life! I am dying of love (by the way I tell you that it is a mission to make my son smile) he is a very serious little man !!! I think I need the help of @melamelazaoficial “, published the host in the description of the photo.

Very seriously, Francisca Lachapel sparked controversy over her baby

The host of Despierta América

In the image he shared, baby Gennaro is very serious and cuddly in blue shorts, a gray blouse with a blue bear and his hair more grown, big dark eyes and as if he is judging who took the photo, but the comments of people were directed to whether he looked more like his father or the famous mom.

“But this is an example of Handsome, doll and precious”, “Just like dad”, “What a beautiful little thing God bless you with your beautiful child who is so cute”, “Wow. It is the copy of his father. Blessings Prince ”,“ Beautiful identical to his father ”,“ Pure papa ”,“ What a beauty of a child ”,“ He is identical to his daddy. God bless him ”, they expressed.

Are people happy that Francisca Lachapel’s baby looks more like her husband than her?

Francisca Lachapel Baby

Although Francisca Lachapel’s child has dark eyes like his beautiful mother, it seems that people are glad that he has more of the physique of Francesco Zampogna than of the host of Despierta América: “That baby gets more beautiful every day, God bless you always “,” I hope you have many more babies because if your son is cute “,” He is beautiful! God bless you! Serious like dad ”.

“This beautiful good as her daddy, as they say, the mommy just put the oven”, “She is beautiful and how she looks like her Father”, “This beautiful looks like a doll”, “Congratulations to Francisca, her baby is very beautiful, I imagine that this very proud to be a mother for the first time ”,“ Many blessings to Gennaro. May God keep it that precious and healthy. It seems 6 months is quite a galan. Congratulations to your parents too ”, they commented.

Is it more unrecognizable already? Francisca Lachapel’s baby causes a sensation

Gennaro baby by Francisca Lachapel

Francisca Lachapel says that she struggles a lot to make her baby Gennaro smile and it shows because in most of the photographs she has shared, he appears either serious or asleep, but people marvel: “That cute machacho is already a man”, “Those eyes They are from another world. OMG me doll beauty! God bless him! ”,“ God bless, he’s a copy of his dad ”.

People think that the host of Despierta América only conceived little Gennaro but physically she doesn’t have much of it: “Francisca didn’t put anything there”, “Just like daddy”, “What a precious little thing just like her dad”, “What a beautiful fat man “,” What a cute doll “,” God bless him. Friend but he is identical to his daddy “,” The same daddy’s face is brutal, we carry them for 40 weeks and they come out just like their father. “

Francisca Lachapel is so attached to Gennaro that it hurts to leave him with other people

Francisca Lachapel baby

Francisca Lachapel suffers for her baby and became so intense for the fact of having to leave him that she was not calm at any time that she was separated from Gennaro, so she had to tell her followers through a video that she published recently, after be away from the spotlights of Despierta América and its fans.

The Instagram account of ‘Univisión Famosos’ echoed the video that Francisca Lachapel recorded from her car and during her visit to the dentist, but very intense and worried about separating from her son Gennaro who was left in charge of her husband Francesco Zampogna, Could it be that you don’t trust him?

Francisca Lachapel became very worried about her baby

Francisca lachapel
Instagram: Univision Famosos

“I feel that I am missing half of the soul of my heart leaving it at home”, were the first words of the host of Despierta América, who has not returned to the morning since she gave birth to her baby Gennaro, with whom she is obsessed and who does not want to take off at any time.

Could it be that the host of Despierta América will not return to the morning because of how difficult it was for her to leave her baby Gennaro with her husband? The former beauty queen with a washed face, with a simple bun, a black blouse, was recorded to greet her followers after a while.

Will you no longer return to Despierta América?

Baby Francisca Lachapel

“Hello world, how are you? I haven’t been here for a long time, I didn’t make a video talking to all of you, taking advantage of my departure from the dentist … I really like my doctor but I hate seeing dentists with all my heart, I imagine that here he has to be more of an identified one ”, Francisca Lachapel began by saying.

And later, while writing ‘Total Trauma’ on the images, she explained the difficult situation for her of leaving her baby with her husband Francesco Zampogna: “I left Gennaro with his dad, I feel like I am missing half of the soul of my heart leaving him in the house ”, he commented between nervous laughs.

She is an ‘intense mom’

The host of Despierta América got intense

Gennaro was born on July 7 and about to turn almost two months old, Francisca Lachapel is at the maximum level of ‘intense mom’ as she herself defined in the video by having to leave him with her dad while she was with the dentist: “… Although I know she is in good hands, she is with her daddy, but the moms I think they will understand me… ”, she continued.

The host of Despierta América does not want to separate from her baby: “I’m done, I’m out, I really want to see him like it’s been 10 years since I have seen him …” he explained and then finished the recording and immediately drive home with her beloved son.

The host of Despierta América was very emotional when she saw her baby

Host of Wake Up America Baby

“The reunion, I told them that I am intense”, “More beautiful than my blessing, having you, walking hand in hand with you, my dear”, are phrases that can be read dedicated to her baby Gennaro by Francisca Lachapel in a video that she recorded the moment she got home and hugged her little one as if she hadn’t seen him in years.

However, while she learns to be a mother and trains to lose the extra pounds left by her pregnancy, it is known that Francisca Lachapel also already wants to return to work at Despierta América and that will happen at the end of September, as she commented. in the video.

They think her very dramatic because of the way she got without her baby

Francisca Lachapel baby

The comments for Francisca Lachapel about her attitude to leave her baby Gennaro, did not wait in the Instagram video of ‘Univisión Famosos’ and people did not turn her down as a dramatic woman: “The show is back with the tears, They are feelings of a mother but she does it as if she were the only one who feels that ”,“ There is a father, everything is dramatized, you are a normal mother, leave the drama and do your own thing ”.

And the comments continued: “What a ridiculous woman !! Dramatize what all women do in this country! DRAMATIC !!! ”,“ AYou feel yourself when you are a mother ”,“ Beautiful my Fran, God bless you and your family greatly ”,“ As you need to return to the program rather ”. HERE YOU CAN SEE FRANCISCA LACHAPEL’S VIDEO ABOUT HER BABY Some images of this note come from the following video

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