Francisco Torres Carranza, AKA El Duranguillo, Sentenced to Over 65 Years for Organized Crime and Homicide

El Duranguillo and three accomplices sentenced after a botched capture leads to a deadly confrontation with Mexican military forces.

Francisco Torres Carranza, alias ‘El Duranguillo,’ was sentenced to 65 years and three months in prison for seven crimes, including aggravated homicide, organized crime, and stockpiling firearms.

He was the leader of the armed wing Los Cazadores, formerly linked to the powerful Sinaloa Cartel, in the Mexican state of Sonora.

El Duranguillo’s three accomplices – Ausencio Aboyte González, Jesús Artemio Espinoza Martínez, and Juan Carlos Sánchez Chávez – were each sentenced to 18 years and three months behind bars.

Botched Capture Unleashes Deadly Cartel Attack on Military

El Duranguillo’s capture on July 2, 2022, triggered a dramatic confrontation between the cartel and Mexican authorities that resulted in multiple casualties.

Image shared by the Sedena days after the capture of 'El Duranguillo'.
Image shared by the Sedena days after the capture of ‘El Duranguillo.’

Members of Mexico’s National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) were on patrol along the Santa Ana-Caborca highway in Sonora when they received a report of armed men in a black RAM pickup truck.

After identifying and detaining El Duranguillo and his associates, the Sedena lieutenant called for reinforcements as the cartel members summoned their own backup. “Hold on, we’re coming for you,” the cartel assassins replied.

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Soldiers Barricade Convenience Store Against 60 Cartel Gunmen

When the cartel reinforcements arrived, the 15 Sedena agents barricaded themselves in front of an Oxxo convenience store, shutting down the highway. They placed the detainees on the ground while the store staff took cover inside.

Five pickup trucks soon pulled up carrying around 60 cartel hitmen attempting to free El Duranguillo. The cartel boss even offered 10 million pesos to the soldiers in exchange for his release.

A group of 15 soldiers resisted the onslaught of 60 hitmen. (Special)
A group of 15 soldiers resisted the onslaught of 60 hitmen. (Special)

As military reinforcements approached, the untrained cartel gunmen opened uncontrolled fire on the soldiers. The federal agents returned fire to deter the attack.

Sergeant Killed in 5-Minute Shootout Before Cartel Retreats

The chaotic shootout lasted about five minutes, with a Sedena sergeant sustaining a fatal bullet wound to the ribs. The cartel also suffered one casualty before retreating.

El Duranguillo’s botched capture triggered a dramatic confrontation between Mexican authorities and the powerful Sinaloa cartel. After a deadly five-minute shootout, the drug lord and his accomplices were sentenced to decades behind bars for their crimes.