Fraud and identity theft through social networks and websites

It is not unknown to Internet users that there is an infinity of Internet portals that are dedicated to defrauding users and consumers, that is why through the Cybernetic Police that warns the population in Quintana Roo to avoid falling victim to these sites.

With the so-called cyber patrols, the population is warned in Quintana Roo of the scams committed by some cyber scammers.

The population is invited to inform themselves before surfing the net to avoid being a victim of this type of fraud

There are numerous attacks that can be generated through networks, so it is important to protect yourself so as not to be a victim of them

It is through the Ministry of Public Security of the state of Quintana Roo It was reported that currently various portals have been detected posing as travel agencies and committing fraud against their consumers.

Through social media, the police of Quintana Roo it has been given the task of warning the public about some sites that commit scams, with the aim that fraud is commented.

Some of the recommendations that it makes available to users are the following:

Avoid posting outing plans on social media, especially if the absence will be for several days and always configure your privacy so that unwanted users do not see what you share.

Beware of phishing: it is an email fraud to obtain valuable information such as passwords, bank accounts and credit cards. It comes through apparent emails from people or institutions and the best known is the one that announces that you have won a prize.

Also alert to be attentive to purchases made on social networks.

Since it points out that you should be wary of very attractive promotions. So it encourages you not to accept making deposits in advance, impulse purchases can be very expensive.

It is important to make sure you monitor bank statements frequently. Also keep an eye out for payments with small amounts that tend to go unnoticed, as well as overpayments, which could indicate that your card was the victim of an attack.

The Cyber ​​Police Unit makes its social networks available to citizens on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the email [email protected] and the WhatsApp number 998 891 40 51, to report any anomalous situation or act that may be considered illegal.

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