Freddie Freeman denied controversy with Ronald Acuña Jr. and left him badly unemployed

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Freddie Freeman will play this Friday his first official match with the uniform of the Los Angeles Dodgers when they visit Colorado Rockies in it Coors Field in Denver, Colo. However, before fully focusing on this commitment, the initialist took some time to give his opinion on the statements of his former teammate, Ronald Acuna Jr.

On the other side of the coin, Freeman he brought out all his maturity and experience; two points that have led him to be one of the best players today. In addition, his words left the Venezuelan in a bad light, since the American reiterated that in Atlanta certain regulations had to be met and that he, if he will miss the gardener.

“I heard everything that has been said about it. I’m going to miss Ronald, my son Charlie is going to miss Ronald, my family is going to miss Ronald. That’s what I have to say for myself, I love Ronald Acuña Jr., I think he’s great for the game. He is a talent that is going to be talked about for many years to come.” Freddie Freeman told MLB Network.

The response of the 32-year-old player arrives, after the Venezuelan spoke with Yancen Pujols in a live and in a few words he cataloged Freddie Freeman as an arrogant player, who had many problems and that he was not going to miss him in Atlanta.

Additionally, the 24-year-old outfielder also recalled a time in 2018 when he debuted in the majors where certain veteran players forbade him to paint his eyes, use glasses and wear the cap on the side.

In addition, Freeman also gave his point of view on this signaling of Ronald Acuna Jr. and he wanted to remember that certain regulations had to be met in the organization and he was one of the team leaders, so he had to take care that these restrictions were respected.

“When you put on the Braves uniform, it’s an organizational rule. You don’t cover the letter “A” on the hat with glasses, you don’t wear earrings, you have hair of a set length. You take batting practice in uniform, you don’t have your face painted, it’s organization rules.”the initialist continued.

In addition, the Californian did not hide his joy at knowing that, Acuna Jr. He was about to return to action. Without forgetting that, he also wanted to make it clear that he will need to be by the Venezuelan’s side on the field during each match.

“I was one of the veterans who had to uphold those rules. I didn’t see it as a fight or a reason for friction. I’m going to miss Ronald Acuña Jr.”, finished the new star of the Dodgers.

In this way, Freeman closed once and for all this controversy created by his former partner in Atlanta Braves and this served to show a different face and another version of the one expressed by the Venezuelan on his Instagram social network.

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