Free Food and Menu Deals at Del Taco, Dole and Marco’s Pizza for “Mercury Retrograde”

Marco’s Pizza has a discount and recommendations for each astrological sign during Mercury retrograde.

Photo: Marco’s Pizza/PR Newswire/Courtesy

“Mercury retrograde” is trending, the subject of memes and tweets. Mercury is retrograde from May 10 and ends on June 3 and several popular fast food chains take advantage of the “movement” to launch promotions based on the planets.

The phenomenon of Mercury retrograde is a optical illusion that happens several times a year during which Mercury appears to move backwards in its orbit from Earth’s point of view. According to, When Mercury is retrograde, technology, communication, travel, logic, and information are disrupted.

1. Taco

Del Taco has a special offer for each of the four times of the year that Mercury is retrograde.

According to Thrillist, this time Del Taco offers a free Chicken Cheddar Roller or Breakfast Roller with any $3 in-app purchase. The offer runs until June 2. You have to be a member of the rewards club Del Yeah!

“Recognizing the positive and satisfying value of good food and offerings no matter the circumstances, Del Taco is turning a perceived negative time frame into a win/win,” the company writes on its blog.

2. Marco’s Pizza

Marco’s Pizza is offering 20% ​​off menu price pizzas when ordered online or in the app using promo code RETRO. The promotion expires is active from May 10 and expires June 3.

He also recommends pairings based on the stars, for instance:
“Aries: Everything with spices. Aries has to be the best at everything he does, including ordering and creating the perfect pizza. However, during Mercury retrograde, they will be unsure of their coverage options. Therefore, a Build-Your-Own pizza is the best option…”.

3. Dole

Dole intends to guide you and is recommending a unique Dole salad recipe for each zodiac sign.

For aquariums, he suggests a salad of watermelon and grated ricotta with mint: “Aquarians are smart, unique, glass-half-full people who add a breath of fresh air to any situation, just like this watermelon and mint shredded ricotta salad puts a fun twist on the typical bowl of greens” .

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