Frenchman Kevin Abadi and Argentine Barbara Chayo postponed their wedding to watch the World Cup final

When it became known that it would be Argentina and France, Marseille-born Kevin Abadi told his girlfriend Barbara Chayo: "Listen, you're getting married alone. I'm going to watch the game too."

A Miami couple formed by an Argentinean and a Frenchman has delayed their wedding a few hours so that they and their guests can watch the final of the World Cup in Qatar to be played by Argentina and France.

As reported Saturday by Local 10, when Barbara Chayo and Kevin Abadi scheduled their wedding for December 18, they had no idea that their countries’ teams would be the protagonists of the final of the Cup.

The wedding coincided with the time of the match, so they decided to postpone the ceremony, and when they got married, it would be known which of the two teams won the Cup.

Chayo told Local 10 News that when the date of the wedding was decided, her fiancé told her that the final of the World Cup would be played that day and they both thought about changing it, but decided against it because it was difficult to know who would fight for the title.

Abadi, born in Marseille, told his fiancé: “Listen, you’re getting married alone when it became known that it would be Argentina and France. I’m going to watch the game too.

Abadi said he is very nervous and that 95% of his anxiety is about Sunday’s match and 5% about their wedding.

Chayo doesn’t seem to mind: “Love is above all, you love me, and that’s what matters,” she stressed.