Frida Kahlo asked María Félix to marry Diego Rivera

Known for her beauty, character and talent, Maria Felix captive the world during the golden age of Mexican cinema. Her artistic career positioned her as one of the most recognized actresses in the country, however, her personal life was surrounded by love affairs and scandals.

María Félix was home for the first time in 1931 with the cosmetic salesman Enrique Álvarez Alatorre, with whom she also had her first and only child. But in 1945 after her first failed marriage she married again, this time with the so-called golden skinny, Agustin Lara.

During the time he spent his marriage with Agustín Lara, Félix began to form a very good friendship with one of the most iconic painters of the time: Frida Kahlo.

María Félix, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo

Friendship between María Félix, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. In a letter, Frida Kahlo asked Félix to marry her still husband Diego Rivera.

In AmericanPost.News We have already talked about how Diego Rivera tried to conquer María with a message of love, but now we will touch on the subject of when the famous painter Frida Kahlo, still married to Diego asked his friend Félix to marry him.

It should be known that the friendship between the painters and María was such that La Doña used to stay and live for days in the famous Casa Azul in Coyoacán where she enjoyed seeing Diego and Frida paint, even Kahlo decorated one of the walls of the house with the legend “Room of María Félix, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

“I loved Frida as much as I loved Diego, she was intelligent, funny, lépera like herself. She bore her sorrows outwardly very well but I noticed that she was suffering a lot, I remember her being physically discarded in those devices but with high spirits, “said La Doña.

And even, after her divorce with Agustín Lara, María Félix found refuge next to the painters who were totally captivated by her presence and personality. But at that time Frida was going through a painful moment in her life, as her health condition worsened every day.

Frida Kahlo asks María Bonita to marry Rivera

In a letter, Frida Kahlo asked Félix to marry her still husband Diego Rivera.

The Mexican painter enjoyed the fact that La Doña lived with them and had no reason to feel jealous because she herself felt she identified with Diego, since they both loved the actress.

It is well known that Diego Rivera confessed his love to María Bonita but she categorically rejected it since at first she believed that it was all a joke until he proposed to her and Frida Kahlo herself, through a letter, asked Félix to accept the proposal.

Despite this, María Félix rejected any proposal from Diego Rivera as she confessed not being attracted to him since she did not consider him particularly graceful.

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