Friends get married, they had sworn to marry if they were still single in 10 years

On this occasion, AmericanPost.News brings a quite peculiar love story and it is that a couple of friends get married, this because They kept their promise to get married if they were still single in 10 years.

The story that we will tell today was uploaded by the TikTok user, Génesis Cueva, where she shared through a video how she got engaged to her best friend, at the age of 15.

In those years they proposed to get married, of course this was included with a “clause”, so to speak.

Friends get married to keep a promise

After being single for 10 years, these friends get married. Some friends get married after both confess what they felt.

Genesis recounted: “It all started in 2008, when I just entered school and sat near the door, that’s when I saw him come in with his friends and from there I asked my friend for her name because I thought it was nice, and she answered me who was called Giovanni.

After that they were introduced and began to be friends.

After several weeks we became very good friends, we went out to recess togetherwe ate together, we went from top to bottom always together, “said Genesis.

In fact, the girl says that she wanted to make her best friend “jealous” and started dating another young man, this relationship ended badly, and with whom she received consolation was with Giovanni.

But like every story, something has to happen and the relationship between the two broke downuntil they changed schools to continue their studies.

“I went to shed my tears with my little friend where he advised me, pampered me, took care of me in everything, but since we went to fifth grade our relationship went downhill, after he started going out with a girl,” he explained.

  • Reunion

It was at the university where they met again and decided to resume their friendship. At that moment, Genesis ended a relationship that she had with another man, so she began to send hints to Giovanni, something that the man did not understand.

“I hugged him and got closer but he moved away, so I thought ‘he doesn’t like me, he never liked me’, and I stopped looking for him.”

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start your relationship

Some friends get married after both confess what they felt.

Before the pandemic began, they met again and she confessed how she felt about him, but Giovanni was speechless.

At two in the morning Giovanni calls me and asks me to leave my house to talkin his car he confessed to me that he liked me but that he was afraid of losing me,” he said.

After living together, they decided to get engaged: “Sometimes we ask for a good man and when God sends us a good man we decided to call him best friend“Genesis wrote on the social network. This after revealing his story of how friends get married.

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