From a love that was born in the networks and at a distance, to a dream marriage: the story of Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner

Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner

For many couples, dates are key in the relationship. For others, not so much. Every couple is a world, the saying goes. And to Stefi roitman Y Ricky montaner dates are important. For example, they saw each other for the first time on October 18, 2019. Although they had already been speaking from before through social networks. In such a way that it could well be said that they started a 2.0 relationship at a distance.

Meanwhile, they still did not know that those direct messages they exchanged on Intagram would mark their love story. He was the one who kicked off. He did it through the official account of the band that he shares with his brother: he reacted to a Story from a photo of the actress. He sent her a heart, to which she responded with the emoji of the hands in the form of a prayer. As he said later, he did it as a “thank you”, in addition, he did not know which of Ricardo Montaner’s children was on the other on the screen.

Until he received another message, already written and not with stickers. “Hey babe, how are you? Just so you know, I am the single and the less handsome of the two Montaner brothers “Ricky told him and immediately the virtual round trip began. Until the artist traveled to Argentina and invited the actress to a show and then to eat. “Without knowing it, I put the love of my life in front of my eyes”Stefi was honest about that Friday in October when she met face to face with the duo’s musician Mau and Ricky.

The romantic marriage proposal of Ricky Montaner to Stefi Roitman (Video: Instagram) (Infobae)

This was the beginning of the long-distance relationship that, luckily for them, did not last long: in January 2020, Stefi traveled to Miami to meet the Montaner family. And one day – more precisely, Tuesday the 14th – they went out for a ride in the convertible car and while the actress carried her hair to the wind to the rhythm of the music, the singer made her a romantic proposal. And he asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend.

“I told you I didn’t want to spend another day without you being my girlfriend”recalled the former jury of The Argentine Voice. The answer is already history. Roitman didn’t hesitate for a second. And he continued to enjoy his vacation in the city of Florida. In March of that same year – still visiting the United States – the coronavirus pandemic broke out and the Argentine government decided to close the borders. The actress took the opportunity to fulfill work commitments on her social networks and also to open her career worldwide: she began working for different international brands.

Later, when the borders were opened and he had a chance to return, he chose to stay there and bet on his partner. Your place of residence is Miami -There, she also launched her own brand of bikinis-, but they also travel to Argentina, since, in addition to visiting her family and friends, the actress continues to work with local brands and other jobs. And when that happens, Ricky accompanies her. For example, for a few months in 2021, the couple was part of The Argentine Voice: he as a jury, and she as a digital host and in charge of showing everything that happened behind the camera of the program that Marley led on the Telefe screen.

In September 2021, Ricky Montaner proposed to Stefi Roitman during a Rosh Hashanah celebration in Miami with his family. The actress’s loved ones, meanwhile, experienced it from Argentina through a video call. All were complicit in the romantic question that the musician asked his girlfriend in a message he wrote on a fortune cookie.

Between tears and emotion, the driver did not hesitate to respond. However, they decided to announce it publicly just weeks later with posts on their respective Instagram accounts. It is that although social networks today became a source of work for artists and also to share part of their privacy, they are the protagonists of their story and choose what to tell and when.

The couple is getting married this Saturday, January 8, in a mixed ceremony (he is an evangelist and she is Jewish) to be held in Buenos Aires and in an “open-air” place., as indicated by the card received by the guests who, in addition, were met with a surprise: it does not specify the location they must attend at 4:00 p.m. “Secret location” – “secret location”, translated into Spanish, reads in the obituary directed by the parents of the musician and the actress. Only those who have confirmed their presence received a message on Friday with the address of El Dok – Haras, in Exaltación de la Cruz, where they will not be able to enter with their cell phones.

stefi roitman ricky montaner wedding invitation
The invitation to the wedding of Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner (Capture: LAM, El Trece)

In dialogue with TeleshowRicardo Montaner had anticipated that his wife, Marlene, was in charge of organizing the wedding, just as he did with the parties of his other children. At that time, it remained to define the place. And last October, Stefi had said on television that the wedding would be in Miami. He even mentioned Marc Anthony, Sebastián Yatra, Manuel Turizo, Lali Espósito, Y Tini Stoessel as possible guests. For example, Marley and Lali Esposito – former teammates of The Argentine Voice– they had already notified that they could not attend: the driver is in Gibraltar doing Around the world, and the actress, in Spain filming the new season of Sky Red.

Those who have to be, will be. I’m really happy”, Expressed who was planning his wedding in the United States. Perhaps to disconcert the press, or even their own guests, but according to the invitation, Stefi and Ricky will say yes this afternoon in an Exaltación de la Cruz room with outdoor space.

The couple will celebrate their union for life. With his family and friends as witnesses of that love that was born at a distance, through social networks and that this Saturday begins to write a new chapter in the history of Stefi roitman Y Ricky montaner.

stefi roitman ricky montaner
Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner with their dog Mao


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