From a yacht and in a bikini, Renata Notni exposes her spectacular beauty during her trip to Greece

From a yacht and in a bikini, Renata Notni exposes her spectacular beauty during her trip to Greece

Renata notni He returned to show off his most recent trip, from where he has stolen the hearts of millions of followers of social networks thanks to spectacular photographs in which posed with a sexy white bikini.

The beautiful Mexican actress has positioned herself as one of the spoiled stars of the small screen, not only because of the talent she squanders in each of the projects she stars in, but also because she has one of the most beautiful faces and an impact figure; And although he prefers to maintain total discretion with his private life, for a few months he has captured the eyes due to his courtship with Diego Boneta, with whom he has been seen traveling on more than one occasion, the most recent in Europe.

And it was precisely during her walk through Greece, where the protagonist of ‘The Dragon’ has decided to pose with tiny clothes that elegantly reveal their statuesque silhouette.

The beautiful 26-year-old actress shared through her official Instagram account some postcards in which she is seen enjoying a few days off, in one of them she reappeared walking by yacht by Mykonos, one of the Greek islands with a group of friends, among which is Natalia, sister of Diego Boneta, an image with which his followers fell in love again wearing a tiny white bikini with which her beauty was exposed.

When in greece“Was the title with which he accompanied the series of images, in which some celebrities and fans praised her beauty.

And although until a few years ago Renata preferred not to share images in a bathing suit, she seems to have changed her mind, since she has currently managed to cause a stir with revealing images in which she shows her statuesque figure.

As an example is the photograph he shared a few weeks ago, in which, posing with a two-piece swimsuit in green and a sexy necklace that surrounded his body attracted the glances of several celebrities such as Irina Baeva and Andrea Legarreta, and of course her boyfriend, the actor Diego Boneta, who couldn’t help but respond to the post with some heart-eyed smiley emojis.

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