From friends to rivals? This is the reason why Natalia Téllez “exploded” against Consuelo Duval

From friends to rivals?  This is the reason why Natalia Téllez “exploded” against Consuelo Duval

Natalia Téllez and Consuelo Duval they have forged a good friendship thanks to their participation in the program “Netas Divinas”; However, as in all relationships there are moments of disagreement between both parties and this is what happened between the famous during the last transmission of the show. Here we tell you the details!

The last installment of the Unicable program was about the filters that exist in social networks and that some people use to retouch and “improve” their photographs. About, The 35-year-old had a lot to say and even used the comedian as an example.

“I always stalk Consuelo and if you put on your mana filters and then blue eyes, feathers in the eye, feathers in the cul *, you do use filters”Natalia Téllez said about her partner Consuelo Duval.

Given this, the former presenter of Rush hour He ruled that there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a “little help” with technology, that is why you have to “let people be”: “Of course I use, I have my spoiled ones. My makeup shocks me, that’s why I put the filter onYou can see me as a stain from here and I put on the filter and just like ‘oh look at your smooth face,’ “he added.

After the conversation between the two celebrities began to heat up, Daniela Magún came to the “rescue” of the situation, and for that she resorted to a funny anecdote that she lived with Natalia during a trip they made together. According to what was described by the also host, the young woman was not exempt from the use of filters, since she did not always show the reality behind her photos on networks.

Without leaving aside the tone of joke, Magún narrated how during her getaway, Natalia took many photos before choosing which one she would use for her profile, but the process was long and slow: “I’m going to balcony you, sorry, we were on his very nice yacht, we went to the pass and suddenly I see Natalita who puts her cell phone like this, and she’s blowing her hair, 120 photos, and at the time he put the photo it was spectacular, but if you have 120 options then one went well “, he counted.

After his intervention, the spirits calmed down and Natalia Téllez and Consuelo Duval resumed their talk without any problem.

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