From his divorce with Juan Soler to a controversy in networks: Maki’s bittersweet experiences

The actress Maki Moguilevsky is on long tablecloths, because this February 25 he celebrates his 48th birthday. Although her talent and beauty have led her to succeed on television and meet her love, the famous woman has also experienced difficult times that have marked her for life. Here we make you a count!

It was at the end of November 2018 that Argentina and her husband, also an actor Juan Soler, shared the news of their divorce with the whole world, and as expected this unleashed a wave of speculation that left the actress as “the bad girl in the story.”

Among the “theories” about their separation, alleged economic problems and even alleged infidelity prevailed. However, Maki came out to deny the rumors to share the real cause behind their breakup. In this regard, she reported that it was a crisis that she suffered when she turned forty.

I got married at 28, I had my daughters at 30 and at 40 I had a hyper identity crisis, of feeling that I needed to live. I got divorced because I was in that crisis at around 42 and that led me to get a divorce,” Moguilevsky said during his interview on the “Netas Divinas” program.

However, this has not been the first time that the name of Maki Moguilevsky has made headlines for a “controversy”, since recently the driver was the target of criticism for a comment that Internet users described as transphobic.

It all happened during a broadcast of the program ‘Cuéntamelo ya’, to which Argentina joined as part of the cast of presenters and in which Roberto Romano appeared as a special guest.

Everything was honey on flakes, until a dynamic put the driver in check. In a dynamic for actor Maki He put alleged “ugly” situations on the table to find out how the actor would react to them.

“Finally, you and I gave ourselves over to love and among all the passion I tell you: ‘Hey, before I was Lucía I was Luciano,’” says the famous woman. “It is very difficult. Today it is very difficult to notice. I sometimes see and say: ‘What a beautiful woman’”Maki added, unleashing the anger of thousands of people across the internet.

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