From lack of control with drugs to his dreams as a baker: the intense life of Tom Hardy, the actor who prefers to have dogs over friends

Tom Hardy has a brilliant career but also a past marked by bad decisions. After a period of darkness and lack of control, the British actor went from “bad boy” to respected actor. (AFP)

His is one of those intense lives to be lived and great to be told as long as -small detail- you have managed to survive. Tom Hardy was born on September 15, 1977 in London. In his home art was breathed, his mother was a plastic artist and his father a renowned writer, screenwriter and university professor. They enrolled him in very good schools, but… “Fuck, I hated them! Shorts, Aertex shirt, buckles… It wasn’t made for me. From an academic point of view, I am an absolute failure, ”he recalled in Esquire.

One morning at his school he attended a talk on drug abuse. A policeman told the attentive students about the danger of sniffing glue. What should have served to discourage Tommy -as they called it- aroused his curiosity to consume. At the age of 11, she started taking drugs. He started sniffing glue, continued with hallucinogenic drugs, added crack and finally, that legalized drug that is alcohol. Who supplied them to him, how he got them, was never known.

The drugs soon changed his behavior: “I would have sold my mother for crack at the time.”. He constantly got into street fights and even stole a car with a friend. “Things were very complicated in my youth, I didn’t know what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it, and when you’re 20 you don’t think with your head. He wanted to stop but he was a tough guy, or so he was supposed to be, and when you get into that dynamic it’s very hard to change.”

Actors who barely appeared and later became stars
In 2001, Tom Hardy had a minor role in the series Band of Brothers, produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

To complicate the picture, at age 15 he was diagnosed with “a minor psychopathy, schizophrenic with psychopathic tendencies, the doctor told me,” he said in that interview. “It’s a very fucked up thing for a teenager. And a shit label. I had probably smoked some marijuana, was having a hard time, and acted like an idiot in front of the doctor. Maybe I was scared, but they put you in the shit, and how do you get out of it?

One night he had to meet with the director john woo, but instead of meeting him he woke up drunk in an alley, with a stranger sleeping naked next to him and a cat that looked at him with a face of “my life seems much better than yours”. He decided to enter a rehabilitation center to leave his addictions behind and begin psychological treatment. Since then he managed to stay sober. It’s not easy for him. “If I had four pints of beer and half a bottle of vodka, I could turn this room into a bloody nightmare in about three minutes. I could destroy everything in my life that I’ve worked so hard for”, said the actor to The Mirror.

Although during adolescence it seemed that drugs controlled his life, they did not completely. He enrolled in two acting schools. In both they discovered his potential and they expelled him from both for being indomitable. At the age of 21, his full lips, blue-green eyes, and that air of a bad boy but helpless allowed him to win a modeling contest.

Acting was his thing: his debut was in 2001 in the series Band of Brothers (blood brothers), but the reader should not imagine a leading or dazzling role. “Someone came to the school and said they needed something like 500 actors,” he would recall.

Tom Hardy
“When someone decided to pay me for acting, I couldn’t believe it. Pay me. Me. With money,” says Tom Hardy

Since that debut, Hardy has been building a career that is the envy of more than one; He goes from blockbusters that the crowds love and increase the bank account to small independent films, the kind that minority moviegoers love and increase admiration. So we saw it in loke, a magnetic thriller where Hardy takes center stage for an hour and a half and is the only actor who appears on screen. If the reader didn’t see it, take the time to do so; As they said over there, I assure you that he will not disappoint you. He was part of The last fight along with another giant actor such as Nick Nolte. She was in that hit that was the rebornshined in Mad Maxand he was the supervillain bane in the trilogy of Batman under the orders of Christopher Nolan.

Going through his movies, you might think “what an eye for choosing scripts”, but as unusual as it may seem, Hardy never reads the projects that come his way. He has a much more original method: they must tell him in a minute. “I hardly read scripts I prefer that they tell me the story; if it sounds good to me, i accept. It’s also not that easy to sound good to me. If I ask you to tell me Warrior in a minute and you do it right I’ll know exactly what kind of movie we’re talking about. For that I have my representative (Lindy King). She saves me a lot of hours of reading. So when an actor tells you that he spends the day reading scripts, don’t be fooled: I read less and less! So apparently, it’s not just young people who don’t read; some famous actors don’t seem to either.

Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hardy became close friends while filming The Revenant.  Hardy lost a bet with the blond and had to tattoo the phrase:
Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hardy became close friends while filming The Revenant. Hardy lost a bet with the blond and had to tattoo the phrase: “Leo Knows All”, that is, “Leo knows everything” (Photo: Getty) (Getty Images /)

If something impresses about this impressive actor, it is his ability to transform. Not only does he modify his typical English accent every time the character requires it, his physical changes are incredible as believable.

for the role of Bronson, the notorious criminal dubbed “Britain’s most violent prisoner” and who spent most of his sentence in solitary confinement, Hardy met him in high-security psychiatric hospitals. He also shaved his head and gained 40 pounds. The striking thing is that a year earlier he lost 12 kilos to play a homeless drug addict in Stuart: a life upside down.

In 2011 it premiered warriorr: to play the slim and energetic fighter Tommy Conlon reduced 15% body fat and gained 20 kg of muscle. According to the magazine Men’s Healthhe achieved it by placing himself under the orders of Patrick Pnut Monroe, a former Marine trainer. He would start with a gym session at 7 in the morning and during the day he would do jumping jacks, two hours of pad work, sparring, a couple of hours of jiu-jitsu, choreography and two more hours in the gym. Just reading it makes you tired.

Capone trailer with Tom Hardy
To impersonate Al Capone, Tom Hardy again agreed to shave his head, put on several pounds and put several scars on his face

For his next role in Batman, The Dark Knight, Hardy put on 30 pounds to reach 200. “Compared to Christian baleI have not been at all extreme in my bodily changes ”, minimized the actor in TheDailyBeast. However, he acknowledged that “a price is paid after any drastic change. It’s easier when you’re young. As you get older it’s more complicated because you have to change your appearance quickly and it’s not so easy when you’re also filming continuously. Going from one extreme to another is hard, and I already have some joints that click when they shouldn’t.”

Although his filmography is extensive, in recent years Hardy got into the world of television. He has his own production company called Hardy Son & Bakerwho produces the drama Taboo from BBC Oneand played a key character in Peaky Blindersso much so that at the request of the public they summoned him again.

Away from the film/television rivalry, Hardy has a respectable/unusual theory. In an interview with The world He assured: “Everyone says that television is better than movies and things like that. And no. It’s not about that. It is something much more pragmatic: I have a son and a wife. If we want to go to the movies I have to find a babysitter, pay for the tickets, dinner, the damn popcorn, and so on. So I look at my wife and say, ‘Honey, a pizza?’ And we stayed at home with some platform. We have thousands of movies at our disposal and we don’t have to move from home. The catalog is endless, so Why do I have to set up a combat infrastructure when I have everything on my sofa? I know I’m throwing rocks at my own roof, but you asked me!”

Hardy is known to be a difficult character type. He had problems with Shia LaBeouf and with the Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. During the filming of the reborn the way to get rid of the tension was to fight with Iñárritu in the snow. The actor admits: “I don’t have any friends, I don’t support them, I don’t give them any trouble with their problems. I like to be alone. I have a dog and two children. My dog ​​will never do anything to upset me, and neither will my kids.”

His love of pets is almost as legendary as his physical transformations. She assures that she cannot and does not want to live without a dog by her side. “It’s not an obsession! I love a dogs. They are special creatures. I love all animals, but I think dogs are just amazing.”; “Dogs would do anything for you, and we take them to the groomer. Nobody asks poodles if they want to wear their hair like that, right? Then people wonder why poodles are so irritable”; “Dog (dog) written backwards is God (God, in English)”; “To the Dogs can never trick you into thinking you’re someone else, so they make great shit monitors, especially for actors”; are some of his phrases about his four-legged friends.

Tom Hardy claims that his entire career is now driven by fear.  “I'm just a scared man...I'm in a really good place today, but I can always find something to complain about, even sitting on a pedestal.  I have to watch that trip so I don't screw everything up.  No matter how well I'm doing
Tom Hardy claims that his entire career is now driven by fear. “I’m just a scared man…I’m in a really good place today, but I can always find something to complain about, even sitting on a pedestal. I have to watch that trip so I don’t screw everything up. It doesn’t matter how well I’m doing” (Photo: REUTERS) (MARIO ANZUONI /)

When he leaves his house, he leaves the television on for them so they don’t feel alone, and they accompany him to bars and galas. He is ambassador of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, an NGO that assists animals and often helps people rehouse rescued dogs. On Delivery, ended up adopting the pit bull puppy that appeared in the movie. She had a Labrador named Mad Max, who died in 2007, and which led him to agree to star in the film only as a tribute to him. Mad’s ashes are kept in an urn on top of his favorite sofa.

At 44 years old, Hardy sighs but there are not many chances: he is married to Charlotte Riley. The couple passed through the altar in 2014 and are already parents of two children. “I love my job, but I love being a father even more. There is no harder job on the planet, and more importantly, than being a father.”.

The actor sometimes fantasizes about throwing everything away and “opening a cafe specializing in sourdough. Selling coffee and bread, organizing jiu-jitsu classes and AA meetings. And you could bring your dog, of course.” After four intense decades, Hardy learned that, as he claims, “Life is not a dress rehearsal, is it? It’s live. And it happens only once”. And we already know that living alone costs life.


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