From Los Angeles to Disney: Cooper Kupp was left with the MVP of Super Bowl LVI [Videos]

Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Los Angeles Rams star receiver Cooper Kupp won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award on Sunday by achieving two touchdowns in the match where his team beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 to win the Super Bowl LVI.

Kupp obtained the recognition after he was the protagonist with two annotations in his alliance with Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford.

The first of his touchdowns came via a play in which Odell Beckham Jr. ran for more than 20 yards and on the next move ran into the right end zone to celebrate with the public present at the SoFi Stadium.

The second entry, which in the end was the one with which the Los Angeles Rams ended up raising the titlewas very similar to the first with the receiver running to the right of the 1-yard line under the gaze of the opposing defense.

In summary, the NFL Offensive Player of the Year finished with eight receptions and 99 total yardsof which 92 were by air.

At the time of recognition, Kupp declared that he did not “deserve the award” and highlighted the work that his team did to win the title.

“The way we prepare (the match), we trust ourselves, I don’t feel worthy of this, I’m grateful to everyone around“, he expressed.

By last, He highlighted how grateful he is to all those who helped him grow in his carrer and they were fundamental to its success.

I am grateful to everyone, to many who have pushed me to grow, challenged me, motivated me and I am grateful for all that.Kupp concluded.

The Super Bowl championship and the title as MVP of the game for Cooper Kupp ended up being a personal revenge after he lost that year’s Super Bowl in 2019 which ended up beating the New England Patriots 13-3 over the Rams due to a knee injury.

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