From the beach Ángela Aguilar pampers her fans in a fitted look

It is strange to no one that Angela Aguilar has become one of the most outstanding figures in the Mexican regional genre, since all his songs have millions of visits on the different digital platforms.

Such is her fame and popularity that the interpreter of In reality Y where they see me, is currently one of the artists with the largest number of followers on her social networks; only on instagram she has more than 8 million fans.

And it was precisely on that platform that the artist surprised all Internet users by sharing a photograph from the sea in which she showed off her body in a fitted look that drew sighs from many.

Ángela Aguilar dazzles with her look from the beach

as we tell you in AmericanPost.News, Ángela Aguilar premiered her song Se disguised a few weeks ago, proof that it is still more than valid.

In addition to Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, she often shares some details about her professional life and the occasional photograph where she wears her outfits.

This time the youngest of the Aguilars was fashionable with a tight pastel blouse and dark pants that highlighted her figure, while she poses sitting from the railing and with the beach in the background.

As expected, the publication did not go unnoticed by anyone, because immediately the photograph began to receive thousands of likes and comments praising Angela’s beauty.

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How much does it cost to hire Angela Aguilar?

With three solo albums and two awards in her musical career, the singer earns a figure of 74.8 thousand dollars for a private concert, according to the Youtube Regional Mix.

But if you want to hire your father, he will also have a cost of 250 thousand dollars.

Despite the large sum of money, the singer confessed that she only asks for hot water and an instant soup in her dressing room, in addition to the fact that 15 minutes before going on stage no one can touch her, as she concentrates to give her best for the presentation.

“There comes a point, like 15 minutes before I go on stage, when nobody can touch me anymore, I have to concentrate. I get like I’m grounded in a corner over there and I literally focus, I start to warm up and modulate my voice, to concentrate, meditate and visualize how I want to end the concert, ”she detailed.

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