From the snow, Kendall Jenner boasts a great body with a bikini that barely covers the most essential

Many are the famous ones who like to play and have fun, but from there to attracting the attention of the media there is a giant step. Kendall Jenner She is one of the celebrities who always succeeds when she decides to upload hot posts that leave more than one drooling.

This Friday, the sexy model raised the temperature several degrees on Instagram by sharing a series of postcards where she appears showing off her shapely body in the snow, wearing high boots and a black dental floss bikini that barely covers the most essential part of her anatomy.

“Wim Hof ​​​​said: ice baths”, reads at the bottom of the three photographs that in just a few hours have achieved more than five million “likes” and thousands of compliments where they highlight how well the businesswoman also looks.

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A few months ago, Kendall Jenner caused a stir on the famous social network when she modeled oiled up and in skimpy skims underwear, a brand owned by her sister Kim Kardashian.

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