Frustrated Passenger Climbs on Wing of Grounded Aeromexico Plane in Mexico City

A passenger opens an emergency exit and walks on the airplane wing after extreme delays and discomfort, leading to arrest.

Last Friday, an Aeromexico airplane was scheduled to depart from Mexico City International Airport (AICM) to Guatemala City at 8:40 AM, with an expected arrival time of 10:39 AM. However, the flight encountered extreme delays, leading to an event that borders on the surreal.

Desperate Passenger Opens Emergency Exit

After waiting on the grounded plane for almost 4 hours without taking off, the airplane’s air conditioning broke down, causing further discomfort and complaints among the dozens of passengers.

Reaching a breaking point, one passenger decided to take drastic action. He opened one of the aircraft’s emergency exits near the wing and proceeded to climb out and wander around on the wing.

“The passenger who yesterday, on a flight to Guatemala, opened an emergency door of the aircraft in which he was traveling while the aircraft was stopped in a remote position, landed on a wing and re-entered the cabin, without affecting any person or the aircraft,” said an official statement from the airport.

After meandering on the wing for some time, the passenger re-entered the cabin through the emergency exit.

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Passenger Arrested Upon Re-entry

Although no one was harmed and the aircraft was undamaged, by international safety regulations, the airport authorities arrested the passenger after he came back inside.

Other Passengers Defend Offender

Given the event’s attention, some users claiming to be fellow passengers came to the offender’s defense on social media.

“The emergency exit was opened out of desperation after leaving us locked in for almost 4 hours without ventilation and water, UNJUST,” one passenger stated.

The extreme delays and insufferable conditions compelled the passenger to take drastic action, even if it was illegal and dangerous. This surreal incident shows how extreme circumstances can push people past the brink of reason.