Fulfilling fantasies: Ninel Conde sells content through OnlyFans and reveals the most requested fetish

Singer Ninel Conde has looked for other methods that generate income And like many, she did not want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of other platforms. The Mexican is part of the subscription service where many can enjoy explicit content if they wish.

The actress is also a user of OnlyFans, as is well known, tastes around the world are completely different. For this reason, fetishes abound and there are all kinds, at a level that not everyone knows, what cannot be denied is that while for some it is usually quite rare, others end up having a passion for women’s manicured feet.

As a result of this circumstance, she accepted that she is one of those who makes use of that service to be able to sell content, in her case she has sucked the juice out of her feet.

You know they have a lot of fetish with my feet, and I I stayed, the feet what?I even put pebbles in my nails, ”said the ‘Killer Bombshell’ to several media outlets.

The former contestant of ‘Your face sounds to me’ stated that for now she does not intend to sell content where she goes out naked. She ruled out for the time being any kind of collaboration with another woman.

Hello my chocolates, welcome to my Only Fans. All the content is made for you with a lot of love!”, is part of the description that the 45-year-old Mexican has on her profile. So far it has 118 publications and 7.8K ‘likes’.

“My chocolates, I’m working on giving you the best content on ONLYFANS. Remember that by subscribing, you will be able to see everything exclusive and of quality that I have recorded, and accompany me in the most intimate moments of my day. What they will see over there they have not seen anywhere, ”she wrote in a publication in search of continuing to increase the list of subscribers she has.

I can’t wait for them to finally see it all… Will you join my exclusive content club?”, were part of the words he used to promote his account through Instagram.

The peculiarity of this platform is that they must cancel to be able to enjoy. You can make a single payment, per view or a monthly subscription that in the case of Conde comes out at 20 dollars.

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