Gabby Petito’s parents open foundation in their daughter’s name to help parents with missing children

Gabby Petito’s parents open foundation in their daughter’s name to help parents with missing children

The page in honor of Gabby Petito is in the authentication period on Twitter.

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This Sunday a foundation created by the parents of Gabby petito in order to help locate missing children or adolescents, in memory of the 22-year-old girl who died in Wyoming, while she was preparing to make a “road trip” with her partner Brian Laundrie.

Through Twitter officially welcomed the foundation, with an account called Gabby Petito Foundation, and from the personal accounts of the young woman’s parents, thanked the supporters for this cause.

However, during the first minutes of the account launch, Nichole Schmidt reported that she had suffered a restriction due to the fake accounts that had been created.

“So our Gabby Petito Foundation page has been restricted. Most likely it is due to all the fake pages they have already created. Keep that in mind, and we’ll figure it out. Thank you all! “Petito’s mother wrote.

For his part, Joseph Petito reported that Gabby Petito was configured so that people could join the official account, so they asked the followers to stay tuned.

But minutes later they managed to solve the problem and indicated that the page is in the authentication period on Twitter.

The intention of creating the Gabby Petito Foundation is to provide resources and guidance on “how to take your children home,” said Joseph Petito on September 25, when the intention to create these help mechanisms was announced.

“No one should have to find their child on their own”, he indicated. “We seek to help people in situations similar to Gabby’s.”

After the complicated process that Petito’s relatives have assimilated due to the tragic death in Wyoming, they have been very active on social networks in recent days, and this weekend began a campaign for justice, and that Brian Laundrie, main suspect in his murder, is found by the authorities.

Under the label #JusticeForGabby, the family of the deceased has encouraged Twitter users to spread the message requesting justice, leaving messages of remembrance for Gabby, at the same time that they have demanded Laundrie’s incarceration, whom the police have been looking for since last September 14.

The last clues to his whereabouts could point to him being in the Path Appalachian, in North Carolina, according to police reports received in recent days and information from a person who claimed to have had a conversation with the 23-year-old subject; however, no official information has come out from the authorities that can confirm their presence there.

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