Gabriel Soto and Vanessa Guzmán premiere “Soltero con hijas” on Univision screens

Univision will premiere the romantic comedy “Single with Daughters”, starring actor Gabriel Soto and popular actress Vanessa Guzmán. The soap opera, produced by Niurka Marcos’s ex, Juan Osorio, will premiere on Monday, January 24 at 8 pm/7 Central on Univision.

Vanessa Guzmán and Gabriel Soto together in “Single with Daughters”.

This light and romantic comedy that will come out through the screens of Univision, has the whole world awake waiting for its premiere. “Single with Daughters” tells the story of Nicolás (played by Gabriel Soto) and Victoria (played by Vanessa Guzmán) who love and hate each other. Nicolás is the public relations manager of a prestigious hotel in Acapulco, leads a carefree single life and does not believe in marriage or love. Victoria Robles is totally different and wants to have a family and be a mother. They meet in life when after a tragic accident, Nicolás is left in charge of his three nieces, and Victoria’s boyfriend leaves her the day before her wedding after she is diagnosed with a disease that prevents her from conceiving. Nicolás and Victoria meet and form a cute, funny and peculiar family with his three orphaned nieces: Camila, Alexa and Sofi.

Gabriel Soto and his daughters in "Single with Daughters".
Gabriel Soto and his daughters in “Single with Daughters”.

“Single with Daughters” It features the performance of Ana Tena, Azul Guaita, Charlotte Carter, Carlos Mata, Pablo Montero, René Strickler and Mayrín Villanueva. But the best of all is that Irina Baeva share with your great love Gabriel Soto in front of the Univision screens. Quite a challenge, taking into account that 2022 will not only be a year of success for them but also the year they finally take, as rumors suggest, the step to finally have their wedding.

“Single with Daughters” starring Vanessa Guzmán and Gabriel Soto.

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