Gaby Espino shared the weight routine that changed her body

Gaby Espino.

Photo: Gaby Espino / Courtesy

Every day she looks happier with the version of herself she was looking for, as well as being very much in love with her boyfriend, Miguel Mawad. With her generosity that characterizes her, Gaby Espino shared the weight routine that changed her body.

He has been telling us for several years that his healthy life, nutrition, vitamins and shakes, are from the hand of ‘Yes You Can’the company of one of her best friends, Alejandro Chabán, and of which she is also the image.

He has shared with us that for almost two years he discovered the love for pilates, from which he takes, when possible, a daily class. Then he added high-impact training. All this led her to change her body, we see her thinner every day.

But now it was for more, and the next step is muscle building, based on a daily weight-bearing exercise routine in the company of a trainer who guides her to give her arms and legs a more muscular shape and highlight the squares on her flat abdomen.

As we told you at the beginning of this article, Gaby shared, on her Instagram account, this exercise routine with weights that is leading her to a new transformation of her body to achieve a definition of your muscles, but respecting the feminine harmony.

Act as if the result of your dreams has already come true ✨. Focused on 💯 with this new week. One of my goals this 2022 is to define, that’s why my weight routine is sacred every morning, here I share a little bit...”, part of Gaby’s writing hydrating with one of the Yes You Can products and showing that secret.


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