Gaby Spanic denied surgery on her face

The 50-year-old actress underwent an aesthetic intervention on her body (Photo: Instagram / @ gabyspanictv)

After that in your social networks Gaby spanic announce that he underwent different cosmetic surgeries on his body, the actress used her Instagram account to deny that also her face had been retouched, as claimed by an entertainment magazine.

The actress mentioned in her insta stories that despite the fact that on December 16 he did undergo cosmetic treatments, his face was scalpel free and ironically mentioned that the magazine People in spanish I was wrong:

“Hello, here looking for the scars that People in spanish He said I did it to my face, do you see them? I can’t find them, my God, how they invent things“, Mentioned the protagonist of melodramas as The other face of the soul, Always Yours Acapulco and actually If they let us which has been her return on Televisa.

gaby spanic
Gaby underwent surgery on December 16 (Photo: Instagram / @ drluisgil)

It was through her social networks that the actress revealed that she would undergo a couple of cosmetic procedures in order to correct some “defects” in her physique, among which are a liposculpture, Lifting buttocks Y skin tension.

Through a photograph where he posed smiling next to the surgeon Luis Gil, Gaby Spanic decided to make the procedure public. “It will make me more beautiful than I am“He expressed in a video he posted on Instagram.

Her surgeon explained that the Venezuelan sought him out for an operation after her participation in the reality show The House of the Famous where he also participated Manelyk González and the winner of its first edition, Alicia machado -who won $ 200,000-, gained weight, but later in the show Dancing with the stars had a slight loss and his skin suffered the change.

The famous confessed that she was a bit sore (Photo: Instagram / @ drluisgil)

Despite the fact that the actress was the one who decided to make the pre and post-operative procedure public, the villain of I am your master was upset by what was published in said entertainment magazine and that some media took it up on their portals. Gaby Spanic assured that newspapers of this type of content are maintained:

But hey, they live off their lies. Happy Sunday!“Were the words used by the queen of the small screen to deny that something had been done to her face.

The controversy started after surgeon Luis Gil published some videos in which the actress appeared in the operating room after the intervention and still asleep due to anesthesia: “Today we made Gaby’s dream come true, thank you for trusting me”, You could read next to the clip.

The famous was a contestant on the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos“, but did not reach the final (Photo: Instagram / @ gabyspanictv)

After specifying what procedures had been performed, the actress took the opportunity to say that everything had gone well and that she hoped the results would be appreciated in a few months:

Hello my angels. I woke up as if nothing, a little pain but it is normal, I am a little inflamed, although I know that we will see the results in a few months“, He said.

Despite the fact that the actress has shown videos of her face on her official Instagram account, where she has more than 2 million followers, some fans considered that what the magazine said is real and did take the opportunity to make new arrangements in it. face:

“Weird that Gaby mentioned that they were going to touch up her whole body and will be upset because they publish that something was also done to his face“,” If Gaby Spanic made public everything that was going to be done, it makes no sense that now he bothers because someone said that they also touched her face, “wrote followers of the actress on social networks.


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