Gaby Spanic recalled the day they were unfaithful to her with another man: “I saw them kissing”

Gaby Spanic recalled the day they were unfaithful to her with another man: “I saw them kissing”

As expected, the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos” is giving a lot to talk about, this time the center of attention was the beautiful Venezuelan Gaby Spanic who revealed an episode of heartbreak that left her marked forever.

The also member of the telenovela “La Desalmada” told her housemates that an ex-boyfriend was unfaithful to her with nothing more and nothing less than with another man.

As he recalled, an old friend came to visit his house and, as a good hostess, he opened the doors of her home, where he had lived with his then partner for some time.

With all the confidence in the world, the actress and also a singer went to a work call, which she painted to lengthen, however, due to logistics reasons, she finished working earlier than planned and went home.

To her surprise, when she reached her love nest, she found a scene from a soap opera! She saw her ex-partner and her friend in the middle of a kiss, which immediately caused her surprise and anger at being cheated in her own home.

“(He was) a beautiful man, that was a thousand years ago. I had a recording, we were living together. A friend came to visit us, my call was very early. The other actor with whom I had all the scenes did not come. I did not notify home that I was going to arrive earlier, I opened the door, there was music and on the way I saw them kissing, “he said.

Daniela Spanic’s twin said that the scene she saw left her frozen: “I was shocked. The only thing that went through my head was, ‘You have five minutes to do what you have to do.’ I got on and they already left. He never returned ”.

The soap opera villain acknowledged that she never imagined that her ex-partner was homosexual, because with her he behaved differently: “I never suspected anything, he was very masculine.”

She also pointed out that the event generated several traumas, because she began to feel insecure of herself and after much work she managed to make that fact stop caring and now she remembers it as one more anecdote in her life.

Despite the fact that for Gaby Spanic the infidelity she suffered is a test passed, her companions from “La Casa de los Famosos” remained speechless after a tremendous confession.

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