Gaby Spanic underwent surgery to remove sagging

Gabriela Spanic underwent cosmetic surgery due to the large amount of weight she lost while on the show “Dancing with the Stars.”

Spanic was operated on by the Venezuelan specialist Luis Atilio Gil Pérez, known for being the surgeon of several celebrities, including members of the Nodal family, actress Scarlet Ortiz and other celebrities.

In recent months it was speculated that Spanic had undergone cosmetic surgeries on his face, but the actress denied this version and assured that “they make things up.”

What surgery did Gabriela Spanic have?

Spanic’s operation further reduced his waist and left the skin on his legs smoother. Some people have not liked the way Gaby looks in recent years.

According to statements by Dr. Luis Gil, Gaby had a progressive loss of weight that caused her abdomen, back and legs to become quite flaccid. Then he corrected this sagging with a high definition liposuction.

The surgeon explained that the procedure caused his skin to contract, in addition some cuts were made in his body to stretch the skin of the legs and abdomen and make it more taut, all in a single surgical effort and with very beautiful results.

Gil expressed that the protagonist of “La usurpadora” is in physical recovery, and although the results of the operation are already visible, she still needs to recover mentally because surgery is a process in which a lot of blood is seen.

“When a few months pass she will be able to show herself to the world, it will be until the premiere of the soap opera in February. You can now show the results of the curves: the waist was smaller, the abdomen was more stretched and the legs were smoother ”, he explained.

Gabriela Spanic in 2021

Some people have not liked the way Gaby looks in recent years.

Spanic had a full year of work. She was one of the main participants in the Telemundo reality show La casa de los celebrities, successor to Big Brother, where she shared a picture with Alicia Machado, Pablo Montero and other celebrities.

After being eliminated from The House of Famous, Gaby Spanic announced that she would be part of another reality show, but this time in Europe.

That new project was “Dancing with the Stars” in its Hungarian edition, after which he underwent cosmetic surgery. In 2022, Gabriela Spanic will be part of “If we are left”, the first melodrama in which she will act after seven years away from the sets. AmericanPost.News.

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