Galilea Montijo again in trouble they steal a kiss by force in the Hoy program

Galillea Montijo re-enters the total controversy of social networks, this after Alex Durán, who participates in Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, stole a kiss from him in the middle of the program, but the famous far from leaving immediately put up resistance, because everything was very quickly causing madness among the public.

And it is that Galilea Montijo, who told both Marie Claire and Alex Durán that they were going to the next round, were too excited, but when the actor went to the dressing room, he caught the host of the Hoy program off guard, who at the end of the show said that being the host of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy is something too difficult.

For those who do not know, the last few months have been full of controversy for the famous and many things have been said in relation to her private life, so it has not gone well for her, one of them was that supposedly no longer She had been a couple of Fernando Reina for a long time, but she answered her haters with a photo where they are seen happy in Acapulco.

Galilea Montijo at the time the kiss was stolen / Instagram

As if that were not enough, Galilea Montijo, far from being stuck in the controversy, is happy for various reasons, one of them is that she is part of Netas Divinas, where the public will know much more thoroughly how it is in real life, since said program is famous by the anecdotes of their hostesses.

Another gossip that has surfaced around Gali is that supposedly she no longer wants to be part of Hoy, because they want to start new artistic projects and one of them is that she wants to resume her career as an actress, because that’s how some of her beginnings on the small screen.

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It is worth mentioning that all the scandals have not stopped pointing out that she continues to look very good, starting with her outfits, since she is considered one of the celebrities who best knows how to dress in the middle of the show business, because each design that she wears always He causes comments of all kinds among his public, since he is looked at very well.