Galilea Montijo almost cries when she reveals that she is separating from the person she loves the most

As if it were not the impact generated by the news that the beloved host of Televisa, Galilea Montijowas leaving the morning show “Hoy” in which he had been working for about 15 years, now he revealed another very sad news.

Almost crying, he commented that he is separating from a person who is very loved by the driver. Is it about her husband Fernando Reina? She clarified in Divine Nets what person you are separating from and how it is affecting you.

Likewise, he also took the opportunity to reveal other very surprising details of his private life in the famous program Divine Net from Unicable. Here we tell you what he told them Natalia Tellez, Paola Rojas, Daniela Magun Y Consuelo Duval.

Galilea Montijo revealed what she fears most in life

This is what Galilea Montijo said in Netas Dvinas. Galilea Montijo married in 2011.

The former host of “Hoy”, Galilea Montijo, confessed that the person whom she will never see again is her grandmother who has just died in the hospital when she was holding her hand. Later, the doctor would confirm that she had already passed away. Also, this moment aroused his worst fear which is death.

I tied myself… my soul, my fear and I told him: ‘let go’ and the next day at 3 in the afternoon he left. I faced my biggest fear, letting go of the love of my life, my grandmothersaid the driver.

She also revealed that she got a hummingbird tattoo to remember her as her grandmother always mentioned hummingbirds and even on the day she passed away, Galilea saw one of those birds outside the hospital.

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When did Galilea Montijo get married?

Galilea Montijo married in 2011.

After thinking that she was separating from her husband, we took the opportunity to tell you that the famous Galilea Montijo, who already has her own account on Only Fans, has been married for 11 years to Ferdinand Queen. The couple married on August 6, 2011, so they have just celebrated their wedding anniversary.

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