Galilea Montijo bought a mansion in Acapulco thanks to what he earns in “Hoy”

the famous driver Galilea Montijo continues to be one of the favorites and best paid on Televisa’s morning show “Hoy”. So it’s no wonder she already has a large fortune to indulge her with.

An example is his new mansion that he acquired in the beautiful city of Acapulco and that has a totally luxurious style. Something that was easy to buy for the driver, since it was revealed that for her work in the Televisa morning she earns about 250 thousand pesos a month.

Although this also raises suspicions about the recent accusations made against her and her husband, as we told you in American Post Newsbecause they have a close friendship with Ines Gomez Mont and her husband who were charged with money laundering.

How is the mansion of Acapulco de Galilea Montijo?

Galilea Montijo’s bedroom in her mansion in Acapulco. Galilea Montijo and her husband.

Be that as it may, the driver Galilea Montijo was able to buy her luxurious mansion in Acapulco, it is a beautiful property that the magazine “Eva Magazine” shows us in a brief tour how is this incredible property of the famous.

It has a minimalist design, but with a lot of style and its decorations are of great luxury in each room. In addition, the bedroom of the famous that has completely white walls and furniture is surprising, as well as her “walking closet” in which her expensive clothes and accessories can be seen.

Finally, one aspect that stands out is that in the garden there is a tree house, which was designed for his 9-year-old son. Learn more about the mansion in the following video:

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Who is the husband of Galilee?

Galilea Montijo and her husband.

The renowned Galilea Montijo shares her beautiful mansion with her husband Fernando Reina Iglesias with whom he married since 2011. Despite his success in “Hoy”, it is thought that he could resign and go to live in Spain.

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